California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) applies to all discretionary projects proposed to be conducted or approved by a California public agency, including private projects requiring discretionary government approval. CEQA helps to guide the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) during issuance of permits and approval of projects.


The purpose of CEQA is to:

       Disclose to the public the significant environmental effects of a proposed discretionary project, through the preparation of an Initial Study (IS), Negative Declaration (ND), or Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

       Prevent or minimize damage to the environment through development of project alternatives, mitigation measures, and mitigation monitoring.

       Disclose to the public the agency decision-making process utilized to approve discretionary projects through findings and statements of overriding consideration.

       Enhance public participation in the environmental review process through scoping meetings, public notice, public review, hearings, and the judicial process.

       Improve interagency coordination through early consultations, scoping meetings, notices of preparation, and State Clearinghouse review.

The complete CEQA Statute and Guidelines is available from the California National Resources Agency. CDFW’s CEQA review and compliance generally occurs at the regional office that serves the county where the project would take place. When a project spans multiple Regions, or would have statewide impacts, the Habitat Conservation Planning Branch (HCPB) in Sacramento coordinates CDFW’s CEQA review and compliance. HCPB also administers the CEQA filing fee program. Other branches of CDFW may be responsible for CEQA review and compliance when a project implements or substantially affects a Branch program.

Filing and Fees

Pursuant to Solano County Code section 2-44, any CEQA notices are to be filed the Solano County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. The Clerk requires an original of Exemptions, Notice of Determinations and EIRs. Originals may be mailed to the clerk at the address below or be brought in to the Clerk’s office in person.  If a file stamped copy is needed at the time of filing, an additional copy must be provided with the original. Filing fees for CEQA documents are collected at the time the documents are received by the Clerk for posting. Checks or money orders are accepted and must be made out to "County of Solano". 

The Solano County Clerk of the Board’s Office is located at 675 Texas Street, Suite 6500, Fairfield, CA 94533. The phone number for the office is (707) 784-6100. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed for major holidays). Office hours and availability are subject to COVID-19 protocols - please call before visiting the office.

CDFW Fees:

CDFW imposes a filing fee to defray the costs of managing and protecting California’s vast fish and wildlife resources, including, but not limited to consulting with other public agencies, reviewing environmental documents, recommending mitigation measures, and developing monitoring programs (Fish & G. Code, § 711.4). The filing fee will be waived, however, if CDFW determines the project will have no effect on fish and wildlife and issues a “No Effect Determination.” The list of CDFW’s CEQA Environmental Document Filing Fees are available on the CDFW website. The fees change in January of each year.

County Processing Fee:

The Solano County Clerk of the Board’s Office is required to post environmental documents for 30 days. There is a $50 clerk processing fee for posting of these documents. The Clerk’s office cannot file or post environmental documents without the proper fee.

CEQA Notices:

May 2020

051420-85 NOE - Anita O'Brien - MU-19-15 (posted 5/14/2020)
051820-086 NOE - STP Midway Road Overlay Project 2020 (posted 5/18/2020)
051820-87 NOD - Lands of Morgan Subdivision (posted 5/18/2020)
052620-088 Neg Dec - City of Vallejo - Fairgrounds Self Storage (posted 5/26/2020)
052720-089 NOE - City of Vacaville Acquisition & Installation of Bus Shelters (posted 5/27/2020)
052620-090 NOE - City of Vacaville Funding for Fixed Route VNG Bus Fleet Upgrade (posted 5/27/2020)
052620-91 NOE - City of Vacaville Funding for Fixed Route Paratransit & Subsidized Taxi Services(posted 5/27/2020)
052620-92 NOE - City of Vacaville Funding for Provision of CNG Fuel Facility Upgrades (posted 5/27/2020)
052820-093 NOE - City of Fairfield - Repair  Maintenance of Equipment  Existing Facilities FY 20-21 (posted 5/28/2020)

June 2020

060220-094 NOE - City of Vallejo Bay Trail Vine Trail Gap Closure Project (posted 6/03/2020)

060520-095 NOE - Authentic 707 (posted 6/05/2020)
060820-096 NOE - Solano County Department of Resource Mgmt - ATT Mobility - Un-Manned Wireless Antenna Facility (posted 6/8/2020)
060820-097 NOE - Reclamation District No 166 - Prospect Island 2020-2021 Routine Maint and Levee Rehab (posted 6/8/2020)
061020-098 NOE - City of Vacaville - 2020 Downtown Sewer Improvements (posted 6/10/2020)
061120-099 NOE - Bay Area Air Quality Management District (posted 6/15/2020)
061120-100 NOE - Mankas Corner U-19-03 (posted 6/15/2020)
061120-101 NOE - Palm Island Nursery SGN-19-02 (posted 6/15/2020)
061120-102 NOD - Recology Hay Road Landfill Expansion and Modifications Amendment 2 (posted 6/15/2020)
061620-103 NOD - City of Vallejo Planning Div - Fairview at Northgate Project (posted 6/16/2020)
061720-104 NOE - City of Fairfield - Downtown Parking Lots  Madison Street Improvements Project (posted 6/17/2020)
061720-105 NOE - Quick Quack Car Wash - City of Fairfield (posted 6/17/2020)
061820-106 NOE - Liberty Lane Martha Annexation to the Rural North Vacaville Water District (posted 6/18/2020)
061820-107 NOE - Steiger Annexation to the Rural North Vacaville Water District (posted 6/18/2020)
062220-108 NOE - SF Bay Restoration Authority - San Pablo Baylands Collab Protection  Restoration Project (posted 6/23/2020)
062420-109 NOD - SF Bay Restoration Authority -CA Dept of FW - Cullinan Ranch Restoration Project (posted 6/24/2020)
062520 - Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration - Mare Island Causeway Bridge (23CO248) Preventative Maintenance Project (posted 6/25/2020)
062920-110 - NOE - Reclamation Dist No 2084 - Little Egbert Tract 2020-2021 Routine Maintenance (posted 6/30/2020)
062920-111 - NOE - Reclamation District 1607 - Van Sickle Island 2020-2021 Routine Maintenance (posted 6/30/2020)

July 2020
070220-112 - NOE - Solano County Transit - Branding of buses vehicle purchases tech enhancements vehicle maintenance (posted 7/2/2020)
070220-113 - NOE - Solano County Transit - Bus Maintenance Facility Maintenance (posted 7/2/2020)
070220-114 - NOE - Solano County Transit - Operations Funding for Fixed-Route ADA Paratransit GP Dial-a-Ride and Subsidized Taxi (posted 7/2/2020)
070220-114 - NOE - Solano County Transit - Operations Funding for Fixed-Route ADA Paratransit GP Dial-a-Ride and Subsidized Taxi (posted 7/2/20)

Other Notices

062220 - City of Davis - Notice of Pub Hearing and Notice of Avail of Final SEIR - Davis Innovation Sustainability Campus
062220 - Dept of Fish Wildlife - Notification of Status Review for Proposed Mountain Lion ESU