Geographic Information Systems
The GIS staff of the Department of Information Technology is responsible for the development, access, and distribution of GIS data, technology, and mapping services to multiple departments, agencies, and users within Solano County local government.

Interactive Maps

Tax Parcel Viewer Advanced - Use this application to search on parcel addresses and APNs to locate and view Solano County parcel information. Includes advanced parcel attribute search tools and Analysis toolbar with buffer, measure distance, enter coordinates, and more.

Precincts and Districts Viewer - Use this application to view Solano County Registrar of Voters precincts, consolidated precincts, supervisorial districts, school districts, and other political districts.


Data available for public download is available on the Solano Regional GIS Consortium Data page.

Access to restricted County GIS data is governed by the Solano County
GIS Data Sharing Policy. Please request, complete, and submit the Solano County Data Sharing License Agreement if you believe your agency meets the sharing policy requirements.

Solano Regional GIS Consortium

'Solano ReGIS' is a regional GIS cooperative of public agencies, municipalities, and local government entities working to share GIS resources and expertise. Solano ReGIS holds scheduled GIS meetings which are open to the public, business interests, and governmental organizations.

Visit the Solano ReGIS website to access
more GIS applications, maps, and information.

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