EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer)


WARNING about EBT scams - please review this information to protect your EBT benefits

About EBT

EBT cardholders can benefit at the point of sale (POS) terminals
or retailers authorized by USDA to accept food stamp benefits.
In California, many counties (including Solano) are also
providing beneficiaries with the ability to access cash benefits
through automated teller machines (ATMs) and cash benefits
at POS.


DO NOT keep your Social Security number with your EBT card.
DO NOT keep your card and PIN together.
DO NOT damage or bend your card.
DO NOT write on or scratch the black stripe on the back of your card.
DO NOT get your card wet.
DO NOT put your card near magnets, TVs, DVD players, CD players,
                stereos, VCRs or telephones.
DO NOT leave your card in the sun, like on the dashboard of a car,
                 because it will curl up and not work.
DO NOT keep your card out in the open - always put your card
                 in a safe place after using it.
DO NOT throw your card away - you will use the same card
                every month as long as you receive benefits.