Online Building Permits
This online building permit page will be changing to our new system soon.  Please go to and sign up for an account.  Please complete the application below and let us know your user account and we will enable your account on the new system.

The Solano County Online Permit System is designed to allow contractors who have registered with Solano County to apply for building permits online. If you are a contractor and you have not yet registered, please complete an application
and mail to the address on the form.

NOTE FOR WATER HEATER REPLACEMENTS: A Thermal Expansion Tank may be required to be installed with the installation of, or replacement of, a water heater. California Plumbing code requires them in closed plumbing systems. A temperature and pressure relief valve is not considered a thermal expansion device as continual dripping will build up minerals and may block the valve. The solution to the problem is a thermal expansion tank. When water is heated it expands, usually back into the cold water supply line. If any valves close off this backward flow (backflow prevention devices, pressure regulators, or check valves) then the pressure continues to build up. With an expansion tank, the excess water has a place to go and the diaphragm acts as an air cushion against the excess pressure. Be sure to use an expansion tank designed for a potable water system per NSF/ANSI 61. We recommend that you support the tank on a shelf or with strapping.

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