Voting Equipment Purchase Information

The Board of Supervisors has approved the ROV to begin researching and purchasing a new voting system. Public input to our decision will be very helpful. Below is a timetable of events for the ROV to be successful at purchasing a new system. We encourage all members of the public to attend the public demonstration portion by vendors to provide direct feedback to the ROV to assist with selecting a system.

Additionally we have provided some helpful links to those that may be interested in learning more about the requirements for a new system, info from the Secretary of State, and our presentation to the board on the voting system purchase. Please contact John Gardner at 707-784-3366, or by e-mail for any questions related to this process.

Path to Implementing New Voting System
03/27/2019  Release RFP to Vendors 
04/16/2019 Conduct Public Vendor Conference 
04/24/2019 RFP Closes 
05/03/2019  End of RFP Evaluation Period 
06/25/2019  Present Recommendation for purchase to Board 
08/01/2019  Begin Community Outreach Meetings with New System 
10/10/2019  Complete internal mock election on new voting system 
10/15/2019  Begin Programming voting system for March Primary Election 
10/22/2019  Primary Election Notices begin with info to voters