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Child Support Services hosts interactive open house

February 2, 2017

SOLANO COUNTY – The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) hosted an interactive open house last week, inviting community providers to discover and explore all of the programs and services the department delivers to help improve the lives of children and their parents in Solano County.

Escorted by employees, participants visited interactive video stations that featured short clips on the many services the department provides, including DNA testing, establishing paternity, collecting and distributing child support, closing a case and resolving problems with child support cases.

"The open house literally walked providers through our day-to-day operations," says Pamela Posehn, Director of Child Support Services.  “Our goal to establish new relationships and strengthen existing connections with those who help us the most to support children in the community really paid off.”

More than 50 people from 16 providers participated in the open house event.  In addition to watching video clips and touring department operations, participants were invited to connect and mingle with Child Support Service employees, put names to faces, answer questions and establish long-term relationships.

“We believe we were successful in telling our story to a wide-ranging audience of providers by using a fun and interactive approach to education on service delivery,” Posehn said.  “For anyone who missed the event, I invite them to stop by and get a tour of our facility.”

In addition to supporting children – the local Solano County DCSS provides parents and caregivers with many helpful services, including:

- Finding a parent
- Establishing the legal identity of a child's father
- Reaching an agreement with both parents on a dollar amount of support
- Establishing, modifying and enforcing a monetary and/or medical support court order
- Providing referrals to other community service providers for additional family resources

To access child support services, a parent may complete an application online or obtain an application in the office of one of the 49 county and regional departments of child support services in California, including the Solano County office, located at 435 Executive Court North in Fairfield.

For more information and applications to participate in California’s Child Support Program visit or call (866) 901-3212.