First 5 Solano Commission Foundational Documents

The First 5 Solano foundational documents are comprised of four plans.

The Strategic Plan is a collaborative document which details the Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Principles upon which First 5 Solano conducts the business of promoting, supporting, and improving the lives of young children, their families, and their communities. Along with value statements are Strategic Priority Areas highlighting targeted areas which are used as a framework for strategic investment.

The Long-Term Financial Plan gives a timeline of revenues vs expenditures and shows the plan to keep the two aligned to ensure sustainability of funding to reach specific outcomes in a multi-modal model.

The Systems Change Plan speaks to the philosophy of funding at the background level, reaching all entry points of influence to reach desired outcomes. Connections made within this plan aim to increase the strength, capacity/expansion, integration, and sustainability of systems to allow for cooperation and execution of services for children and families.

The 2023-2028 Program Investment Plan is the “bridge” document for First 5 Solano’s allocation of funding and supports the Strategic Plan, Long-Term Financial Plan, and the annual budget. The plan details a multi-pronged approach with investments in Systems Change work, Programs, Annual Grants, and One-time funding. These investments are applied across multiple partnerships with organizations, ultimately allowing First 5 Solano to leverage revenues to their fullest. 

Each year every Commission engages an external auditor to assess its financial and contractual accountability. This report is presented to the Commission every October. For First 5 Solano's 2022/2023 FY Audit, click here.