CalFresh Emergency Allotments Are Ending

CalFresh Emergency Allotments will end the month of February 2023 and the final Emergency Allotment will be issued in March 2023.  Households that currently receive CalFresh benefits will get less benefits beginning April 2023. While the regular CalFresh benefit is not changing, the additional CalFresh benefit that the households have been getting due to the Emergency Allotments will stop. The regular CalFresh benefit received is the regular amount put onto the EBT card between the 1st and the 10th of each month. For additional information, visit the CDSS website at CalFresh COVID-19.


There has been an increase in attempts to steal information and benefits using phony websites, phone calls, and texts.

To reduce the risk of having private information stolen, please ensure that you are only using  links from trusted sites such as or For EBT account information, you can reach out directly to the state’s official EBT site ( or call # 1 (877) 328-9677.

Official sites will not ask for your personal information. Please do not use other search engines, third-party apps, or non-trusted sites.

County and the state would NEVER text you, call you, or visit your home requesting your personal  information such as your EBT card number or your personal identification number (PIN).




CalFresh gives low-income individuals and families a way to buy more food, improve nutrition and stretch the grocery budget.

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