Vital Statistics

The Vital Statistics Unit provides certified copies of birth and death certificates for births and deaths within the last two years. The staff assists with registering non-hospital births and provides assistance with Declaration of Paternity forms. The staff  also issues permits for the disposition of human remains, provides data for reporting of communicable diseases to the State of California, and processes applications for the California Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC) Program. 

Birth and death records are housed in this office for the current year and the year prior. For older records, visit the Solano County Assessor/Recorder's Office.

Announcement: Birth and death certificates will be issued online due to COVID-19 situation
Due to COVID-19, Solano Public Health’s Vital Statistics unit is suspending issuing birth and death certificates in person at the 275 Beck Avenue, Fairfield location. We will continue to issue birth and death certificates, for the last two years, online - click to order birth certificates online. If people have questions about birth and death certificates and how to get them on-line, please contact 707-784-8060.

The following services are offered under Vital Statistics:

Birth Certificate Services

- Obtain a birth certificate for births occurring within the last two years
- Register a non-hospital birth
- Sign a declaration of paternity

Death Certificate Services

- Obtain a death certificate for deaths occurring within the last two years
- Information for Funeral Homes: Order certified copies of death certificates

Medical Marijuana ID Card Program Services

- Obtain a Medical Marijuana ID card

Hours and Location
Due to COVID-19 our Lobby is closed to the public for pick up.
The telephone hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 1:00pm. 
Our office is located at 275 Beck Avenue, Fairfield CA, 94533.  

Questions? Contact Us
Email us [email protected] or call 707-784-8060 for more information.