Training Programs
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Training Programs
The Solano County Public Defender office is extremely committed to the proper training of our attorneys and staff. Towards that end, our department has been certified as an MCLE provider by the State Bar, sponsors 3-4 in-house MCLE training events at our office each year, encourages all staff, and invites all criminal defense attorneys to participate (for a nominal fee). Attached are the most recent and upcoming training events. This year, our Department has added lunchtime MCLE presentations on various topics to our series, offered each month on the second Wednesday of each month, from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm, free of charge. 

NEXT SEMINAR January 30, 2010
 Seminar - August 1, 2009
Seminar -  May 2, 2009
Seminar - January 31, 2009
 Seminar - August 9, 2008 
 Seminar - January 26, 2008
 Seminar - August 11, 2007
 Seminar - March 30, 2007
 Seminar - January 27, 2007
 Seminar - August 12, 2006
 Seminar - March 31, 2006
 Seminar - November 5, 2005
 Seminar - August 6, 2005
 Seminar - April 2, 2005

Seminar Library
6/2009 - NADCP 15th Annual Drug Court Training Conf. "Criminal Law Update" powerpoint
5/2009 - Dr. Stalcup -Addiction 101 powerpoint
5/2008 - NADCP 14th Annual Drug Court Training Conf. "Juvenile Drug Court "Anti-truancy Anti-addiction Nexus" powerpoint
Recent Speakers

Tina Katz Michael Kennedy
"Captain Motion"
Michael Kennedy
"Captain Motion"
Al Menaster Tony Moss Michael Ogul
Gary Preneta Andy Eibel Jeff Zehnder
Dr. Simon Ford Bicka Barlow Michael Adelson
Steve Harmon Michael Goodman Deb Grohs