Election Workers

Are you ready to help advance democracy?  Join us on Election Day as a pollworker.  You can be part of a historic election by helping voters cast their ballot on election day.  Below is a summary of duties by each of the different pollworkers:

          Overview of Polling Place Team Members
             A polling place team includes:

  • Roving Inspectors - Provides technical and administrative support to an assigned group of polling places on Election Day.
  • Inspectors - Manages the polling place and team of poll workers.
  • eRoster Clerks - Checks in voters at the polling place and determines the type of ballot the voter receives.
  • Ballot Clerks - Issues the paper ballots to voters who can insert their ballots in the Ballot Scanner and have their ballot counted immediately.  Issues replacement ballots if voter makes a mistake.
  • Provisional Clerks - Issues provisional ballots to voters because of special circumstances. Uses the Touch Writer to issue correct precinct ballots for voters who are at the wrong polling location. Assists voters with using the Touch Writer. Secures the voted ballots and sends them to the Registrar of Voters for review to determine if the ballot counts.   Also assists voters who may need the electronic ballot marking device.
  • Greeters - Provides voters with the Voter Processing Form to speed up check in. Assists voters utilizing curbside voting to drop off their ballot. Directs the voters to the correct polling place, answers generic questions for voters, helps with managing lines of voters, and will help other clerks with breaks.
  • Equipment Clerks - Sets up and operates the Ballot Scanner, with help of one other clerk or Inspector. Answers voter questions on equipment and ensures ballots are cast by voters.  Hands out "I Voted stickers".

    Overview of Polling Place Team Members

    All voters start with the eRoster Clerk who determines the voter’s eligibility before printing a ticket for the voter to sign.  The voter exchanges the signed ticket for a paper ballot.

    If a voter is found in the eRoster and is eligible to vote at your precinct, the voter is given a “Voter Ticket”, asked to sign the ticket and is then directed to the Ballot Clerk to receive a ballot. 

    If a voter is not found in the eRoster or is not eligible to vote a precinct ballot, the voter is given a “Provisional” ticket and is sent to the Provisional Clerk to receive a provisional ballot. 

    All voters will receive a ballot and marking device in a secrecy sleeve.   All voters receive instructions on:

    • How to mark the ballot
    • What to do if a mistake is made while marking
    • What to do with the marked ballot

    The voter processes the ballot by depositing it in either the scanner or the secured ballot box, and is then given an "I-Voted" sticker.

    All of the specific tasks and responsibilities of each position will be discussed both in our online training portal, and during a required hands-on training class.  Click one of the links below for more information, or:


    Existing poll workers, log in here

    Be a Solano County Employee Poll Worker

    Get your supervisor (and/or) department head’s approval and complete the application form below.  Email the application form to the Registrar of Voters at [email protected]

    Solano County Employee Poll Worker Application Form

    Be a Student Poll Worker

    Starting at age 16, high school students who are U.S. citizens, maintain a 2.5 grade point average, and have permission from their parent or guardian and school can learn how elections are run while they earn money as a student poll worker on Election Day.  Complete the application form below and email it to the Registrar of Voters at [email protected]ty.com

    Student Poll Worker Application Form