Solano Veterans Scene

Below are past Solano Veterans Scene columns.  Please contact the Solano County Veteran Services Office if any of these articles generate questions or a potential Veterans Administration claim.

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November, 2017 - Free access to state parks and recreation areas for honorably discharged Vets
September, 2017 - Gulf and Middle East war burn pits could be this generation’s Agent Orange
July, 2017 - Clothing allowance benefits for vets with service related disability or injury
April, 2017 - Dependents of Disabled Veterans can get College Tuition Assistance
February, 2017 - Health benefits for vets who may have ingested contaminated drinking water
January, 2017 - VA Programs help vets gain access to benefits quickly after discharge
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November, 2016 - Understanding fee-based claims for non-VA medical care and treatment
September, 2016 - Solano Veteran Services Office helps with hearing loss benefits
August, 2016 - “Veteran” State ID Card very popular at Solano Vet Service Office
July 2016 - Grant money available for Vets in need of adaptive equipment for vehicles
June 2016 - Vet Centers offer a broad range of beneficial services
May 2016 - Disabled veterans and their widows may qualify for additional benefits
April 2016 - College Tuition Fee Waiver for Disabled Veterans’ Dependents
March 2016 - VA disability compensation for Gulf War Veterans
February 2016 - Benefits to help families when a veteran passes away
January 2016 - VA to provide benefits to vets exposed to water contaminants
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December 2015 - Help a Vet this holiday season, become a “battle buddy”
July 2015 - Veterans may qualify for Total Disability Individual Unemployability Benefits
October 2015 - Assembly Bill adds “Veteran” designation to State IDs
September 2015 - Year-Round Services for Veterans in Solano County
June 2015 - Veterans may qualify for reduced recreation license fees
May 2015 - Memorial Day an Opportunity to Celebrate Veterans
April 2015 - Solano Veterans Office helps vets file benefit claims
January 2015 - Disabled Veterans’ Dependents get College Tuition Fee Waiver
March 2015 - Vet Centers help veterans readjust to civilian life
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August 2014 - Lending a helping hand to Solano County veterans
December 2014 - Disabled veterans and their widows may qualify for additional benefits
November 2014 - New veteran's treatment court seeks "battle buddy" mentors
September 2014 - Year-round services for veterans in Solano County
July 2014 - Solano VA Expands Outreach, Remains One-Stop-Shop for Benefits
June 2014 - Ensuring veterans’ remains get proper resting place
May 2014 - Disabled Veterans’ Dependents get College Tuition Fee Waiver
April 2014 - Receive benefits sooner by filing claims before separation
March 2014 - Veterans should enroll for healthcare immediately
February 2014 - VA offers a variety of financial benefits for veterans
January 2014 - Special license plates support veterans
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December 2013 - VA offers new dental benefits
November 2013 - eBenefits connects veterans to VA resources
October 2013 - Affordable Care Act: The VA may have you covered
September 2013 - Veterans in same-sex marriages eligible for VA benefits
August 2013 - Volunteer needed to give all veterans their final honors
July 2013 - Vet Centers help veterans readjust to civilian life
June 2013 - Home buying easier with CalVet loan
May 2013 - Disagreeing with the Veterans Administration
April 2013 - DD 214 describes a veteran's military career
March 2013 - Defining who is a veteran
February 2013 - Disabilities caused by a service-connected disability may be eligible for compensation
January 2013 - CRSC, Concurrent Receipt may offset reductions in military pay
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December 2012 - Radiation exposure while in the service
November 2012 - Fully developed claims expedite service through beset VA
October 2012 - Individual employability
September 2012 - Tax credits for employers who hire veterans
August 2012 - Marines affected by tainted water should file VA claim
July 2012 - Veterans Burial Benefits
June 2012 - College Tuition Fee Waiver for Disabled Veterans' Dependents
May 2012 - Vocational rehabilitation benefits for veterans include new program
April 2012 - VA benefits evolving with growing role of women in military
March 2012 - Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
February 2012 - Veterans and Widows Pension with Aid & Attendance
January 2012 - Vietnam Veterans and Agent Orange
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December 2011 - Hearing loss and tinnitus, the most common disability for veterans
November 2011 - County launches column on veteran topics