An item I checked out is lost or damaged. What do I do?
To replace lost items, the Library charges the cost of the item plus a non-refundable $10 processing fee. A County receipt is issued when you pay for a lost item. If you find a lost item within one year of paying for it, bring it to the Library along with the County receipt and the cost of the item can be refunded. Charges for damaged items vary depending on the damage. Bring the item to the service desk to determine if there is a damage fee.

Can I call my library directly?
To serve everyone better, both in person and remotely, the Library now has a virtual branch, our Telephone Assistance Center. When you call a branch, select option #3 or stay on the line and staff trained to help with both reference and circulation/library card questions will assist you. They can answer all types of reference questions, place holds and interlibrary loan requests, renew items, check if your holds are in, explain late fees, update address/phone numbers, help you navigate the Library website and databases, give you information about upcoming programs and events, book a computer for you and more. For issues such as computer class registrations or reserving a study room that require assistance from a branch staff member, they will transfer you to that branch for further help. You can also hear recorded information on branch hours and location and library holidays by selecting other option numbers when you call. Options are also provided to directly schedule a class visit or reserve a meeting (not study) room.

Can I get an electronic library card?
You may sign-up for a library card, search our databases and place holds on materials prior to stepping into one of the SNAP libraries. Fill out the SNAP e-card application completely and you will immediately receive an e-card number by email.

Can I renew items by telephone?
Yes, when the Library is open. Call 1.866.57.-ASKUS (1.866.572.7587) during library hours. Have your library card number ready and a staff member will assist you

Can I renew items online?
Yes. Click on Your Account and enter the requested information to access your account. Click Checked Out and sort the list by Due Date. Click the box next to each item you wish to renew then click on Renew Selected Items. Note the new due date for each item. Some items may not renew due to:  outstanding holds [requests] by other people - item already renewed two times - item is in the Hot Titles collection (red sticker on the spine) - item is an Interlibrary Loan or Super Search item - fines/late charges of $5 or more - Library card expired/about to expire. Call the Library for further assistance. We may be able to renew the items or can tell you why they aren''t renewable.

Does everyone need an E-card?
If you already have a library card from one of the SNAP libraries, you do not need an e-card. Your library card number can be used to access our electronic resources and online catalog anytime. If you do not have a library card and would like to use our electronic resources and online catalog before your next visit to the library, you may register for an e-card. Due to licensing restrictions for our electronic resources, only residents of Solano or Napa counties can sign up for an e-card

Does the Library accept donations of books, DVD''s, etc.?
The Library accepts non-restricted donations of items in good condition and of current interest. Most items go to Friends of the Library and are sold to raise funds for special library programs and needs. Due to space limitations donations are only accepted at the larger branches. Please call for further information as not all types of materials can be accepted, but we can provide information on alternative sites for material the Library and Friends cannot use.

How do I check the status of my card?
You can view your account online 24/7 by clicking on Your Account and entering your account number and some identifying information. Here you can check your library card activity such as items currently checked out to you, status of items on hold, overdue or lost items, and fines or other charges on your record. You can also renew items online. You may also call the Library for information about your account. Please have your account number ready when you call. Staff cannot read out titles over the phone, but can answer specific questions about items on your account and renew items for you.

How do I find a particular book, movie or CD?
You can search for items in the Library Catalog several ways: By KEYWORD - Use Keyword if you aren’t sure of the title or want several items about a subject. Use significant or unique words from the title or words identifying the subject you want. Omit ""a"", ""an"", ""the"" or ""and"". By TITLE – Use Title to find a specific item when you know the title. Omit the words ""a"", ""an"", or ""the"" used at the start of the title. You don''t need to enter the complete title, just enough of it to narrow the resulting list. For example, to find "Delivering knock your socks off service", entering just "Delivering k" locates the title in an alphabetic list. By AUTHOR/NAME – Use Author/Name to locate items by or about someone. Use "last name, first name" format.

How do I find out if my holds are ready to pick up or where I am on the waiting list
The Library’s automated notification system will contact you one of three ways: first by email, second by telephone message, or finally by a mailed notice. Items stay on the hold shelf for 7 days. Call the Library to update your record when your address, email or telephone number changes. You can also check the status of your holds online. Click on Your Library Account. Enter your library card number, last name, and last four digits of your telephone number. Click on Holds. A Status of "Ready for pickup" and a "Pickup by" date displays if the item is ready for you. A Status of "In transit > sent" displays when the item is on its way to your branch. To find where you are in the holds list for a "Request pending" item, click on the title, the information will be just below the item information.

How do I get a library card?
Bring a photo ID with current address (if ID address isn’t current, bring an additional item showing your name and current address such as a utility bill, rent receipt, or mail) to any branch and complete an application form. Parents or legal guardians must co-sign for minors under 18.

The application for an e-form can be found on:  

How do I get an e-card
Fill out the SNAP e-card application completely and you will immediately receive an e-card number by email. You will then be ready to use our electronic resources and place holds in the online catalog.

How do I get an item not in the catalog?
There are several ways. If you didn’t find the item in the catalog and it was published more than six months ago, you can search nearby libraries by clicking on Super Search in the blue box at the bottom of the Basic Search screen. Click on the library system that issued your card. Enter your library card number in the box and click on Login. Click on the Searching/Requesting button and follow the instructions. Books not found in Super Search may be available through our Interlibrary Loan program. We can borrow books for you from other libraries throughout the country. This process can take three or more weeks. Staff at the Information Desk or by telephone can submit a request for you. You can suggest the Library purchase new/recently published items by completing the Suggest a Purchase form online or by telephone.

How do I pay fines/late fees?
You can pay by cash, check or credit card at the Library’s service desk. You always get a receipt showing the amount paid by item. You can also pay by mail. Send a check for the amount owed payable to Solano County Library. Write your library card number on the check so the correct account is credited. (Coming soon- online payment by credit card)

How do I place a hold/request an item?
You can place holds/request items yourself through the catalog on this website. Library staff can also place holds for you by phone or at the desk. To place a hold online:  Search for the desired item in the Library Catalog by Title, Author/Name or Keyword  Click on the title wanted to display the full record. Click on the place hold(s) button on the left.  Follow instructions on the screen to enter your library card number, last name, and last four digits of your phone number then click on Enter.  Select a pickup Branch by clicking the circle in front of the Branch name.  Ignore the Date option unless the item is of no use to you after a certain date such as items wanted for coursework, or you will not be able to pick up items until after a certain date such as a return from vacation  Click on Place Hold. When the screen displays "Hold Placed"and shows your place number in the Holds list and how many copies of the title there are, you have successfully placed your hold.

How do I volunteer at the Library?
That’s great! We have a variety of things volunteers can do for the Library. Check out the Volunteer page on our website. You can download either the adult or teen volunteer application form or review a partial list of volunteer opportunities. Turn in your application form at your branch to arrange a meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator and find a volunteer opportunity that works for you.

How much is the fine/late fee for overdue items?
The late fee for most items is 20 cents per day up to a maximum of $6 per item. Late fees for children’s items are 10 cents per day up to $6 per item. Late fees begin the day after the item was due. Late items can sometimes be renewed, call the Library for assistance. Late fees apply for the time between the due date and the day the item is renewed.

I don’t live in Solano or Napa County; may I still use your services?
Yes. California residents may apply for a full-access library card by visiting any one of the SNAP libraries and bringing positive i.d. and proof of address. At this time, the e-card is not available to individuals living outside Solano or Napa counties.

I had a library card several years ago. Is it still valid?
Cards expire after three years. To renew or replace an expired card, present it and/or current ID with proof of address at the customer service desk of any branch

I just received a letter/telephone call about lost items from Unique, a collection agency. What should I do?
First, return the items if possible. Then you only owe late fees, not the replacement cost of the items. If you aren’t able to pay the entire amount at one time, you may make payment arrangements at the service desk. Returning/paying for items and fees once notified stops the collection process before your credit rating is affected.

I paid for lost books 3 months ago and now I’ve found them. How do I return them and how do I get reimbursed?
Please contact the Solano County Library at:

I’m having trouble logging into the website. What do I do?
Your 14-digit Card Number appears on the back of your library card, below the barcode. Your PIN is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number.  If you don''t have a card, and you''d like one, visit a branch to sign up.

I’m interested in working at the Library. Do you have any jobs?
We might. As part of Solano County, all library job postings and applications are done through the County’s Human Resources Department. Job postings can be found at Select "Human Resources > Current Employment Opportunities > Library" to view open jobs. Solano County requires applications be submitted electronically. Instructions are posted on the website and assistance is available at the Human Resources Department, 675 Texas Street, Suite 1800, Fairfield. Phone 707.784.6170. Job Information Line: Phone: 707.784.6174 Toll Free 1.888.321.6174

What are some of the events held at the library?
Go to to see a list of all events for Solano County libraries. You can also see all events specific for any Solano County Library.

What are the library’s days and hours of operation?
Go to to see a list of all county libraries and their days and hours of operation.

What if I lose my library card or e-card number?
If your library card or e-card number has been lost or stolen, please report it to one of the SNAP libraries immediately. To replace a missing e-card number, you may use the online application to receive a new e-card number. To replace a missing library card, please visit any one of the SNAP libraries and present positive i.d. and address verification.

What is a full-access library card?
A full access library card is another way to describe the card that we offer all customers who visit a library with positive i.d. and proof of address. It is necessary for e-card holders to fully register for a full-access card in order to check out materials or use the public access computers at the library. Electronic resources cannot be accessed from a library computer with an e-card.

What is an E- card?
The e-card is an electronically produced and distributed library card that offers significant, but limited access to our resources. With an e-card, customers can access electronic resources and place holds in the online catalog remotely. The e-card is not available to check out materials or use the library’s computer workstations. A full-access library card is needed for these services. NOTE: An e-card may be upgraded to a full-access library card by visiting any one of the SNAP libraries and presenting valid i.d. and proof of address. Customers under the age of 18 must also provide parental consent in order to obtain a full-access library card.

What is the number for my local library?
To reach any of the libraries below dial 1.866.572.7587 (1.866.ASKUS)

What programs does the library offer?
Go to to see a list of programs offered by the library.

Will the e-card expire?
The e-card will be good for three years. After that time, you may reapply for a new e-card.

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