Nut Tree Airport

Can we land there after business hours?
Yes, Airport is open for landing 24/7.

Do you have rental cars there on site?
No, you would have to check your local yellow pages or online for rental car companies.

Does the airport offer any tie-down service or hanger rentals?
Yes. Transient, Tie-down and hanger rentals are available. Call Nut Tree Airport at 707-469-4600

Does the Nut Tree Airport have airplane/helicopter maintenance?
Airplane and helicopter maintenance, FAA Repair Station: DPPR608X on the Nut Tree Airport is located in Corporate Hangar A06. 301 County Airport Rd.CHA06 Vacaville, CA 95688.   Phone 707.469.7925

Does the Nut tree Airport offer any youth programs?
Yes, Young Eagles is a free program that introduces youth from ages 8-17 years old to aviation. For further information, please call: Mr. Howard Gunn at Telephone 707.448.0589 or Mr. Gerald Gordon at Telephone 707.446.8532.

Does the Nut Tree Airport provide fueling?
Nut Tree Airport offers island self-serve for both 100LL and Jet-A. Truck service with 100LL and Jet-A-Prist is available Monday-Friday 8-5pm, and after hours by prior arrangement. Please call the Nut Tree Office at 707.469.4600.

What is your location?
301 County Airport Road Suite 205 Vacaville, CA 95688

What is your price for fuel?
Current Fuel Price: Call Nut Tree Airport at 707.469.4600

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