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Are or can unsecured taxes be pro-rated?
No. In accordance with State law, unsecured tax bills are not pro-rated. If the property/interest is sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of after the “Lien Date” responsibility for pro-ration of taxes is between seller and buyer. The tax bill will be issued in the name of the seller.

Are there programs to assist me with paying my tax bills?
There are two programs administered by the State of California designed to provide assistance to qualified individuals (property owners) to pay their property taxes.

To find out if you qualify you must contact each program provider, as the County Tax Collector cannot determine eligibility.
The two programs are:
• Property Tax Assistance for Senior Citizens and Blind/Disabled Persons. Information and claim forms may be obtained by calling the Franchise Tax Board at 1-800-338-0505 or Website:
• Senior Citizens’ Property Tax Postponement Program. Information and claim forms may be obtained by calling the State Controller’s Office at 1-800-952-5661; if you are calling from a local 916 area code please call 327-5587 or Website:

You may also wish be eligible for one of a number of exemptions such as a Homeowner’s Exemption, Veteran’s Exemption, or Church and Welfare Exemption, which may result in tax savings. For more information you may contact the Assessor’s office on exemptions.

Are unpaid taxes / delinquencies reported on my credit?
While the Solano County Tax Collector does not directly report to credit agencies the information is public record so credit agencies can obtain this information from the recorders.

Can I get a list of the property Solano County is selling?
To view the properties for auction and to bid on property please go to Click on County Tax Sales located on the left hand side of the screen then select Solano.

Can I get the tax payment balance for parcel #?
Look up your balance of payment here. Or for more information contact the Tax Collector's Office.

Can I pay by Credit Card? / Can I pay online?
Yes, you can pay secured taxes, unsecured taxes, and supplemental taxes by either credit card or electronic check you must go online to , select “Property Tax information & Payments” on the left side Quick Links menu bar. Look up the parcel you wish to pay using the "Online Tax Information" and follow the links as directed. Please be aware there is a convenience fee for the use of a credit card or electronic check. This fee is charged by a third party to cover the merchant charges associated with providing the service; the County does not receive any revenue from this fee.

Can I pay in person? / Can I use a credit card to pay in person at the Tax Collector window?
You can pay your tax bill in person at 675 Texas Street, Suite 1900 (first floor lobby), Fairfield, CA 94533. The Tax Collector window accepts cash, debit cards, or checks only, no credit cards. (Credit cards accepted online)

Can I pay just the amount of the garbage/weed control lien?
Yes, the garbage/weed control lien can be paid by itself.

Can I pay the property tax without paying the amount of the garbage/weed control lien?
No, the property tax bill cannot be paid without the amount of the garbage/weed control lien. Once the lien is placed, it becomes part of the property taxes collected by our office.

Can you take my house? / Are any liens filed?
If the tax bill remains in redemption for five years, the Solano County Tax Collector can obtain “Power to Sell” on the property and put it into a County Tax Sale which is held annually, normally in May. The Tax Collectors office will file a lien against the real property when the taxes have reached Power to Sell Tax Defaulted Property.

Can you take payment over the phone? / Can I pay my taxes over the phone?
Neither the Tax Collectors office nor the 311 Service Center accepts payment over the phone. Solano County has engaged a third-party company (OPC – Official Payments Corporation) to take credit card payment over the phone. They can be reached at 1.888.357.8394. Press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. Then press 4 for Customer Service.

Did you get my payment? / When will my payment be credited?
Please contact the Treaurer/Tax collectors office to obtain this information.

How do I clear a Power to Sell lien?
Please contact the Tax Collector's office.

How do I clear an unsecured lien?
Please contact the Tax Collector's office.

How do I get a garbage/weed control lien removed from my tax bill?
The garbage/weed control liens are placed by the city the property is located in. If you think a garbage lien was place on your tax bill in error, you will need to contact the sanitation department of the city you live in.

How is delinquency determined?
Date and time of delinquency is determined by date and time postmarked. When the delinquency date falls on a weekend or a legal holiday, you have until 5:00 p.m. on the next business day to pay without incurring a penalty.

How much did I pay for my property tax in (tax year)?
Consult SCIPS Web for the current tax year amounts and Anacomp for the previous tax year amounts.

I am in the military and was deployed when my taxes were due, can the penalty fee be canceled?
The penalty fee can be canceled for military personnel who were deployed when their taxes were due. For more assistance with penalty cancellation requests please contact the Tax Collector’s office.

I did not receive my tax bill / I never got the bill, can the penalty fee be canceled?
Please contact the Tax Collector’s office.

I didn’t receive my tax bill, can I get another? / Request for a bill
Please call 311 for a verification of address.

Please be aware current tax amounts, due dates and delinquency dates, as you are still responsible for payment regardless if you have received a bill.

I have or will be declaring bankruptcy, how does this impact my taxes?
Declaring bankruptcy does not release the debt. Please contact the Tax Collector’s office for further information.

I have partial ownership of a property why is my name not on the bill?
All owners are listed on the deed, however only the first name listed on the deed will appear on the tax bill itself. To make sure all the names have been recorded on the deed for the property, you will need to contact the Recorder’s Office.

I have partial ownership of a property. How is the tax bill divided between me and the other owner(s)?
The Tax Collector’s office does not pro-rate or split bills based on percentage of ownership. The owners will need to decide amongst themselves the amount each owner is responsible for. The Tax Collector’s Office does not accept partial payments so all payments will need to be mailed together.

I just got my tax bill in the mail, but I have an impound/escrow account. Why was the bill sent to me?
The bill is always sent to the homeowner. The Tax Collector’s Office does not keep track of who has an impound account and who doesn’t. If the homeowner knows they have an impound account, the bill can be kept for income tax purposes or for personal records.

I no longer own the property but I still received a bill, what should I do?
Send to the Tax Collector’s Office marked “Property sold, no longer owned by this party”.

I received a “secured” and one or two “supplemental” bills, which do I pay? / Variations of “I received multiple tax bills” question.
The secured and supplemental bills are separate charges and each must be paid on or before the delinquency dates indicated on each bill to avoid penalties. Use SCIPS to confirm amounts and/or due dates.

I thought I got a supplemental tax bill last year? Or Why did I get another supplemental tax bill?
It is possible to receive more than one supplemental tax bill. Because the secured property taxes are based on the value as of January 1 and cover the up-coming fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, a purchase or new construction may affect the calculation of taxes for one or two fiscal years. If the change occurs between July and December, one supplemental bill is issued. However, if the change occurs between January and June, two supplemental bills are issued. For example, if there is a change of ownership in April of 2007, there will be a supplemental bill issued for the 06/07 tax year pro-rated from the date of the change of ownership to the end of that tax year on 6/30/07. There will also be a supplemental bill for the 07/08 tax year even though the change of ownership did not occur in this tax year, pro-rated from the beginning of the tax year on 7/1/07 to April of ’08, a full calendar year after the change of ownership originally happened. The following tax year, 08/09, the full amount of taxes will be issued on one bill.

I was unable to pay my taxes on time due to (financial) hardship reasons can the penalty be cancelled?
Individuals requesting that the penalty be cancelled because of hardship reasons must contact the Tax Collector's office.

I was unable to pay my taxes on time due to medical reasons can the penalty be cancelled?
Please contact the Tax Collector's office.

Is a private postage meter date the same as the United States Postal Service postmark?/What postmark is accepted for determining payment delinquency?
Private postage meter dates are not acceptable. California law requires the Tax Collector to accept the US Postal Service Postmark or an independent delivery service that is an I. R. S. designated service (example: FedEx,), when the date shipped can be ascertained via the shipping slip.

Is my mortgage company going to pay my tax bill?
The only way to be certain a mortgage company will in fact be paying the bill is for the homeowner to contact their mortgage company. If your tax bill stubs contain a number under the CORTAC heading (example: C5600), a lender/mortgage company has requested tax bill information. However, this is not an indication that they will pay the tax bill, rather that the information was requested.  (Note: Supplemental tax bills are not usually paid by mortgage companies.)

Is there a penalty for delinquent or late payments?
If the first installment is not paid by 5:00 p.m. December 10 a 10% penalty attaches. If the second installment is due not paid by 5:00 p.m. April 10 a 10% penalty and a $10 cost attach.

Is there a/what is the penalty for delinquent payment?
A 10% penalty attaches to the first installment if not paid by the delinquency date and a 10% penalty and $10 cost attaches to the second installment if not paid by the delinquency date.

My property is being foreclosed on. Who is responsible for the taxes?
Solano County holds the owner of the property responsible for the taxes. In other words, the taxes follow the property, not the owner. Whoever owns the property is responsible for the taxes. Once a new owner is recorded on the title, they become responsible for any taxes owing. This is a County policy and the taxpayer will need to contact their mortgage company to find out what their policy is regarding property tax and foreclosures.

My taxes are delinquent. What kind of payment options does your office offer?
The Tax Collector’s office offers one payment plan, a 5 pay plan, on prior year delinquent taxes. The Tax Collector’s office does not offer payment plans for current year taxes If “Power to Sell” has been established then the 5 year plan is not an option and the taxes must be paid in full. If the delinquent taxes are for previous tax years the Tax Collectors office offers one payment plan called a “5-Pay Plan”. Basically the tax payer agrees to make at least one payment per tax year for the next 5 years as well as keeping taxes paid timely.

What are “secured” property taxes?
The term “secured” means taxes that are assessed against real property (real estate) (land and/or structures). The tax is a lien that is secured by the land/structure even though no document was officially recorded. The secured tax bill is based on the property’s value as of the “Lien Date” January 1, as determined by the Assessor.

What are “supplemental” taxes? / Why did I get a supplemental tax bill?
Supplemental taxes are in addition to secured taxes that are due when property undergoes a change in ownership or new construction. When a change in ownership or new construction takes place, the Assessor is required to immediately adjust the “Lien Date”, January 1, value to reflect the new value of the property. Supplemental tax bills represent the tax due on the difference between the old and new values.

What are “unsecured” taxes?
“Unsecured” taxes are taxes assessed on business equipment and machinery, mobile homes, boats and aircraft, possessory interest, and other interest which are generally not secured by land. These taxes are a lien against the assessed owner of the property, not the property, on the Lien Date – January 1.

What does “Transferred/TR” mean (on the website)?
Only a supplemental bill will show “TR (transferred)” status. Supplemental bill information remains on the system for three years whether or not it is paid. If the Supplemental tax bill becomes delinquent and is still not paid by the time that tax year ends, it is transferred into redemption status and begins accruing interest (at a monthly rate of 1.5%.) If the status of a bill is “TR” on the website, it means it was transferred into redemption at one point. If the bill has been paid, it will show the status as “PD”. If the bill is delinquent, the status shows “DL”.

What happens if I don’t pay my property taxes?
If the first installment of a tax bill becomes delinquent, it is assessed a penalty of 10%. If the second installment becomes delinquent, it is assessed a penalty of 10% plus a $10 costs. If one or both of the installments are still not paid by the last day of the tax year(June 30), beginning the first day of the next tax year(July 1) they are assessed a $15.00 fee for being transferred to redemption and begin accruing interest at a monthly rate of 1.5%. Once in redemption, the taxes continue accruing interest until they are paid in full.

What is a Courtesy Notice?
If you purchase property between approximately October 1 and March 1 you may not receive a tax bill the first year because the tax bill may have been mailed to the former owner. A courtesy notice is mailed to new property owners to advise them of the tax amounts due and the due dates for the current fiscal year secured tax bill.

What is the “JT” in my name on the bill/My middle initial is not “JT”/You have “JT” following my name on the tax bill. What does that mean?
“JT” stands for Joint Tenants.

What is your location? / How late/early are you open?
Solano County Tax Collector 675 Texas Street Suite 1900 Fairfield, California 94533 Hours of operation: 8:00 - 5:00 P.M. Monday – Friday (County Clerk hours are 8am to 4pm.)

When are “secured” taxes due?
Secured tax bills are mailed annually, not later than October 31. You may pay the entire annual tax bill when you pay your first installment or in two equal installments by the dates indicated on the tax bill. First installment is due November 1 and must be paid by 5:00pm December 10. The second installment is due February 1 and must be paid by 5:00pm April 10. Bills added to the roll throughout the year due to corrections or escape assessments, etc. must be paid by the dates indicated on the tax bill

When are “supplemental” taxes due?
Supplemental tax bills are due upon receipt and delinquent on the dates indicated on the tax bill.

When are “unsecured” taxes due?
Unsecured taxes are billed in July and are due no later than August 31. Bills added to the roll after July are due the month following the month billed. If taxes are not paid by the delinquency date, as stated on the bill, lien(s) is/are recorded against the assessed owner of the property, which can and will adversely affect assessee’s credi

Who do I make my check payable to and where do I mail it to?
Please make your check payable to Charles Lomeli, TTCCC 675 Texas Street Suite 1900 Fairfield, CA 94533

Who paid my tax bill for the last 10 years?” or “How much was my property tax for the last 7 years.
Please contact the Tax Collector's office.  You will need to provide them with the Name, address, contact #s, parcel#.
The Tax Collector's office will advise you of the fee for this service.

Why did I get two tax bills for my boat?
If a boat is valued at over $5000, there will be a tax bill issued each year for the value of the boat. There can also be a separate bill issued if the boat is kept in a harbor where the owner pays for just the boat’s space. This is called “possessory interest”, and these taxes are paid for the area the boat occupies, not the boat itself. Assessor question: Information on the unsecured tax bill for the boat itself or on possessory interest

Will I get a receipt? / How do I get proof of payment?
If you paid by mail or online your cancelled check or credit card statement will serve as a receipt. If you pay in person at the Tax Collector lobby window you will receive a receipt.

Will my mortgage company pay my supplemental taxes?
Mortgage companies will not pay the bill (impound accounts) unless you have made specific arrangements with them to do so. If you have any concerns regarding payment, please contact your mortgage company for more information. Mortgage companies typically do not pay Supplemental tax bills.

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