Solano County Legislative Affairs

The primary purpose of the Legislative Affairs Unit is to advocate, coordinate, and advance the County's legislative agenda to enhance the County's ability to govern and provide essential services to the community it serves.

-- Liaison to the Chair of the Legislation Committee
-- Liaison with contract lobbyists and elected officials
-- Provide coordination to identify County priorities to develop an annual state/federal legislative program
-- Analyze and monitor legislation in coordination with departments to determine the County’s position on bills
-- Coordinate with departments and County lobbyists to maximize legislative opportunities
-- Provide updates on legislative issues to the Board of Supervisors
-- Work with other agencies in coordinated legislative advocacy
-- Work with state elected representatives on legislative issues

Solano County Legislative Committee
The Solano County Legislative Committee (Committee) is a subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors that reviews pending legislation and makes recommendations to the full Board on state and federal legislative and regulatory policies.  The Committee regularly review the County’s Federal and State legislative programs and platforms to identify strategies to improve awareness, understanding and advocacy on issues and legislation of importance to Solano County.  Click HERE to access the Committee meeting agendas and archive.

Committee Members / Staff
Erin Hannigan, District 1 Supervisor, Co-Chair
Monica Brown, District 2 Supervisor, Co-Chair
Matthew A. Davis, County Administrator’s Office, Staffer

2024 Solano County Legislative Committee Calendar
The Solano County Board of Supervisors approved the Committee’s meeting calendar for 2024 at their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.  You can access the calendar by clicking HERE.

2024 Legislative Platforms
Our State and Federal legislative platforms are a statement of the goals and priorities of our Board of Supervisors and guide us in navigating legislative efforts on the local, state and federal levels.  As part of the platforms, the County identifies our priority issues and how state and federal legislative policy and funding decisions affect our ability to deliver services.  The 2024 State and Federal Legislative Platforms were adopted by the Board on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.


Legislative Correspondence (CY 2024)
Our legislative platforms provide direction on the positions we take regarding Federal and State legislation.  Click HERE to review the list of correspondence we've sent on behalf of the Board of Supervisors in calendar year 2024.

Legislative Correspondence Archive
-- 2023 Correspondence
-- 2022 Correspondence

Legislative Affairs CAO Staff
Matthew A. Davis, MA, MPA 
Principal Management Analyst, PIO and Legislative Affairs
[email protected] | (707) 784-6111

Contracted Legislative Advocates
State: Karen Lange, SYASL Partners, Inc.
Federal: Joe Krahn, Tom Joseph, and Hasan Sarsour, Paragon Government Relations