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The Consumer Protection Program
The Consumer Protection Program works closely with restaurant and motel operators, apartment managers, contractors, building officials, and other government agencies to provide assistance in the planning and maintenance of consumer oriented facilities. Consumer Protection staff work to improve the health of Solano County residents through the management of the following programs:
The Water Protection and Waste Management Program (Technical Services Program)
The Water Protection and Waste Management Program implements County programs in liquid waste, water systems, solid waste disposal, wells, and land use and provides assistance to the public in the planning and implementation of the following areas:
The Hazardous Materials Program
The Hazardous Materials Section is the CUPA for all of Solano County and  regulates all the Program Elements of the Unified Program  in Solano County by issuing permits, inspecting facilities, investigating complaints, performing enforcement as necessary, and assisting both the business community and the public. In order to protect the public health and the environment, this section provides the following services:
Environmental Health Documents
Includes applications, guidelines, requirements, and other forms. 
Environmental Health Fee Schedule