Mobile Food Facilities

A permit to operate is required for all mobile vehicles, trailers, and carts, selling or giving away food to the public per section 114387 of the California Retail Food Code. 

To operate a mobile food facility in Solano County the following is required:

Guidance document for mobile food facilities
Food Truck construction requirement checklist
Food Cart construction requirement checklist

Food Source
All food items are to be prepackaged, at an approved facility and from an approved source. Home-prepared foods are not allowed.

Approved restroom facilities, with immediately adjacent hand washing facilities, are to be located within 200 feet of the vehicle. These facilities must be readily available for use by the operator. Hand washing facilities must be provided with a reliable supply of hot and cold water, soap dispensers, and towel dispensers.

Vehicles must operate out of an approved commissary. A "COMMISSARY" means a permitted food establishment (e.g., a restaurant, market, etc.) in which food, containers, or supplies are stored or handled for use. A commissary is not a private home, church, private club, or other nonprofit or for-profit association. The commissary is to comply with all provisions applicable to food establishments and be used for storage, food preparation, cleaning, etc.

Height Requirement
Mobile food facilities that are occupied during normal business operations shall have a clear, unobstructed height over the aisle-way portion of the unit of at least 188 cm (74 inches) from floor to ceiling, and a minimum of 76 cm (30 inches) of unobstructed horizontal aisle space. Vehicles under permit before January 1, 1996 are exempt from this requirement