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Solano County, U.S. and Canada to observe Probation and Community Supervision Week

July 19, 2019

SOLANO COUNTY – The Solano County Probation Department, including probation and juvenile detention departments across the United States and Canada, will observe Probation and Community Supervision Week July 21 – 27, 2019.  The week recognizes the work probation, parole and community supervision professionals do to maintain public safety in our community while providing the tools and resources necessary for the individuals they supervise.

There are more than five million adults on community supervision in the United States today, most of whom are monitored by pretrial, probation and parole officers.  Monitoring these individuals requires Probation employees to conduct home contacts, drug testing, ensuring clients attend counseling sessions, have suitable housing accommodations and look for and find gainful employment.  Many officers also supervise individuals using electronic monitoring equipment, requiring an additional level of expertise.

"Probation and supervision professionals are always finding creative solutions to ensure the clients they serve have the support they need to find jobs, housing and treatment," says Christopher Hansen, Chief of Probation for Solano County.  “By collaborating with community based organizations, treatment providers, the community, victims and clients – our officers are making a difference, a positive difference in Solano County.”

Members of the Solano community are encouraged to celebrate and observe Probation and Community Supervision Week to honor the Solano County Probation Officers, parole and group counselors who make our community a safer place to live.

For more information about the Solano County Probation department visit and find them on Facebook @SolanoProbation.