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2009-10 Information
AB 1389
      Rio Vista
Assessed Values
Assessed Values by Fund
Assessed Values by TRA and by Fund
Redevelopment Agencies
AB 1290 - Adjusted Base Year Values
Excess Over Frozen Base - Final
Frozen Base Report
Property Tax Projection (RDA Total Takeaways) - Final
Property Tax Projection (Pass-Thru Summary) - Final
Year-To-Date Tax Increment
Special Assessments
Contact Listing
1st Apportionment for Non-Bonds & Bonds
2nd Apportionment for Non-Bonds & Bonds
Final Apportionment for Non-Bonds & Bonds
Submission Guidelines
Tax Apportionment - General
AB 8 Rates for Secured, Unsecured, & Supplemental
Property Tax Admin Fee
Property Tax Projection - Final
Summary of Actual Property Taxes Distributed
Tax Apportionment - Secured
1st Secured - Current Year
1st Secured - Escapes
1st Secured - Refunds
2nd Secured - Current Year
2nd Secured - Escapes
2nd Secured - Refunds
Final Secured - Current Year
Final Secured - Escapes
Final Secured - Refunds
Tax Apportionment - Supplemental
1st Supplemental
2nd Supplemental
Final Supplemental
Tax Apportionment - Unsecured
1st Unsecured - Current Year
1st Unsecured - Escapes
1st Unsecured - Refunds
2nd Unsecured - Current Year
2nd Unsecured - Escapes
2nd Unsecured - Refunds
Final Unsecured - Current Year
Final Unsecured - Escapes
Final Unsecured - Refunds
Tax Apportionment - Unitary
1st Unitary
2nd Unitary
Final Unitary
Tax Rates
Adjusted Equivalent Tax Rate Table
Tax Rates by Tax Rate Area
TRA Fund Composition and Rates
Voter Debt Rate Calculation
Year-End Reports
Special Assessments
Schedule of Losses due to ERAF