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2011-12 Information

ABX1 26/AB 1484

RPTTF Report Estimate (03-01-12)

RPTTF Report True-up (07-26-12)

RPTTF Report Actual-REVISED (10-01-12; H&S 34182(d))

     RPTTF Distribution by Agency - ROPS I



     Rio Vista




    RPTTF Distribution by Agency - ROPS  II



    Rio Vista




Assessed Values

Assessed Values by Fund

Assessed Values by TRA and by Fund

Redevelopment Agencies

AB 1290 - Adjusted Base Year Values

Frozen Base Report

Property Tax Projection (Excess Over Frozen Base) - Preliminary Estimate

Property Tax Projection (Excess Over Frozen Base) - Final

Property Tax Projection (Pass-Thru Summary) - Preliminary Estimate

Property Tax Projection (Pass-Thru Summary) - Final

Property Tax Projection (RDA Total Takeaways) - Preliminary Estimate

Property Tax Projection (RDA Total Takeaways) - Final

Year-To-Date Tax Increment

Special Assessments

Contact Listing

Submission Guidelines

1st Apportionment for Non-Bonds & Bonds

2nd Apportionment for Non-Bonds & Bonds

Final Apportionment for Non-Bonds & Bonds

Tax Apportionment - General

AB 8 Rates for Secured, Unsecured, & Supplemental

Property Tax Admin Fee

Property Tax Projection (Summary) - Preliminary Estimate

Property Tax Projection (Summary) - Final

Summary of Actual Property Taxes Distributed

Tax Apportionment - Secured

1st Secured - Current Year

1st Secured - Escapes

1st Secured - Refunds

2nd Secured - Current Year

2nd Secured - Escapes

2nd Secured - Refunds

Final Secured - Current Year

Final Secured - Escapes

Final Secured - Refunds

Tax Apportionment - Supplemental

1st Supplemental

2nd Supplemental

Final Supplemental

Tax Apportionment - Unsecured

1st Unsecured - Current Year

1st Unsecured - Escapes

1st Unsecured - Refunds

2nd Unsecured - Current Year

2nd Unsecured - Escapes

2nd Unsecured - Refunds

Final Unsecured - Current Year

Final Unsecured - Escapes

Final Unsecured - Refunds

Tax Apportionment - Unitary

1st Unitary

2nd Unitary

Final Unitary

Tax Rates

Adjusted Equivalent Tax Rate Table

Tax Rates by Tax Rate Area (TRA)

TRA Fund Composition and Rates

Voter Debt Rate Calculation

Year-End Reports


Special Assessments





Schedule of Losses due to ERAF

VLF - Property Tax In-Lieu