AIDS Prevention & Care

The AIDS Community Education Program coordinates HIV/AIDS prevention and care along with support services for people with HIV/AIDS.

We also offer clinic-based and mobile HIV testing at a variety of locations throughout Solano County. For more information about the AIDS Community Education Program, call or text to 707-398-8317.


A variety of care services are available for people with HIV or AIDS such as:
 - Case management services for eligible individuals

 - Access to clinical and HIV early intervention services 
 - Certification for enrollment in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) 
 - Anonymous partner notification services for HIV positive individuals

We also offer referrals to community-based services including:  
 - Case management
 - Mental health

 - Housing services

For information about HIV care and treatment services, call or text 707-398-8317.


Solano Public Health provides Rapid Oral HIV Antibody Testing on demand. Test results are ready in 20 minutes and do not require a blood sample.

Call or text 707-398-8317 to schedule a confidential, rapid test.

Mobile Rapid HIV testing is also available at a variety of community sites throughout Solano County. For information about Rapid HIV Testing, call or text 707-398-8317.


California HIV/AIDS Service Referrals and Hotline Information
HIV/AIDS FAQs and Basic Facts  (Centers for Disease Control National Prevention Information Network)
AIDSinfo (United States Department of Health and Human Services)
California Department of Public Health Office of AIDS 
CDC Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Greater Than AIDS (We>AIDS)
Health Resources and Services Administration for HIV/AIDS programs (HRSA)
Sexual Health Information and Education - Teen Source
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) 


Robertson Kwasi Somuah, MPH

Senior Health Education Specialist

Phone: (707) 784-8136
FAX: (707) 429-4799
E-mail: [email protected]