Pleasants Valley Vision and Zoning Project

The Pleasants Valley Agricultural Region is located on the northside of Interstate 80, west of the City of Vacaville.  The valley is formed by the Blue Ridge on the west and English Hills to the east, and consists of large sized ranchettes, rural residential districts, orchards and several small-scale agricultural retail establishments, and ranges from urban-adjacent to deeply rural. Click
HERE to view a map.

Solano County’s General Plan identified the Pleasants Valley Agricultural Region with the potential for a mix of agricultural production and facilities and enhanced tourist services, ancillary to agricultural production.  Accordingly, the Solano County Planning Services Division is now examining zoning in the Pleasants Valley area to determine ways in which the area could potentially evolve over time.

The County understands that there are differing opinions among landowners and the general community about non-traditional agricultural uses in the valley. The County is committed to working with the Pleasants Valley community to determine a vision for the Valley that will inform any zoning changes.

Several points of engagement are planned during the project and your participation is encouraged to help us learn about your preferences for the future of our Valley.

(1) Workshop 1 – Community Visioning: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 
      Ulatis Community Center, 1000 Ulatis Dr., Vacaville.  Indoor masking / social distancing. 6 -7:30 pm

    Great turnout and participation at Workshop 1!  We are working on summarizing 
    the findings of the visioning phase. Check back for the results on this webpage.

(2) Workshop 2 – Draft Vision and Zoning Changes: TBD Early 2022
(3) Workshop 3 – Final Vision and Zoning Regulations: TBD Spring 2022
(4) CEQA Document Public Review and Comment: March 2022
(5) Public Hearings: May – June 2022

For any questions, comments and additional information, email
[email protected]