Tax Sale General Information
In compliance with California State Revenue and Taxation code §3691, and at the direction of the Solano County Board of Supervisors; The Solano County Treasurer - Tax Collector - County Clerk conducts sales of tax defaulted properties at least once every four years.
Important Information Regarding Tax Sales:
Before deciding to participate in a Tax Sale, please review the IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the Tax Sale process.
Auction Rules and Instructions:
Bidding rules will be established prior to the next tax sale
Available Parcels
A list of power to sell parcels is available for download via the "Available Parcels" navigation link.
Tax Sale Auction Dates:
Tax sales are generally held in May or JuneĀ of each year via an online tax auction service. Specific information regarding dates and parcels will be posted as it becomes available. Please check back for more information.
Participating in a Tax Sale:
Participation Rules will be established prior to the next tax sale.
Additional Information
As a potential bidder on tax defaulted property it is strongly recommended that at a minimum the following steps be taken prior to submitting a bid.
  • Physically inspect all properties you have an interest in bidding on. Property may not have a structure on it (not withstanding the recorded description), or its size, shape, or other characteristics may render it useless.
  • The successful sale of a tax defaulted property will result in the issuance of a tax deed which will not discharge all other encumbrances recorded on a property. These encumbrances include but are in no way limited to, special assessments, income tax liens, mechanics liens, street bonds, and other taxing agency obligations. A Title search conducted at the prospective bidders expense should reveal any outstanding liens or encumbrances on the property