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County finance departments collaborate to address property tax system transition backlog; working individually with property owners impacted by delays

November 9, 2023

SOLANO COUNTY – The Solano County Treasurer-Tax Collector-County Clerk, Auditor-Controller and Assessor-Recorder’s Offices are working together to assist Solano County property owners to resolve tax bill issues as the departments test, prioritize and work through a series of backlogs and delays that have caused disruptions during the roll-out and implementation of the County’s new property tax system. 

“The transition to a new property tax system, while necessary, has unfortunately caused a backlog of information that goes back multiple months,” says Glenn Zook, Solano County Assessor-Recorder.  “I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work to update the new system and apologize for any delays, confusion and/or frustration this transition may have caused property owners.”  

Earlier this year, the County transitioned to a new property tax system, replacing a 40-year-old legacy program that was antiquated and no longer able to receive information technology support.  As with the transition to any new major software platform, some delays are to be expected.  In a few instances, as a result of the transition, some Solano County property owners have experienced issues with their property tax bills, including receiving a tax bill under the prior property owners name, a tax bill that does not reflect the reduction in value from a Prop 19 transfer, and/or a new property owner not receiving a tax bill at all.  

“Our offices are aware of the concerns of our property owners and appreciate their patience and understanding as staff continues to address and work through these property tax system backlogs, issues and delays,” says Chuck Lomeli, Solano County Treasurer-Tax Collector-County Clerk.  “We realize these delays may have caused some property owners to incur penalties, and for that I encourage anyone with concerns regarding their bill to contact or visit the Tax Collector’s Office, as we have a process in place to formally review all penalties.”  

Working in collaboration, the Treasurer-Tax Collector-County Clerk, Auditor-Controller and Assessor-Recorder Offices are taking steps to complete the transition to the new software platform and close the backlog of outstanding issues.  In the meantime, the departments and their staff are aware of the specific issues raised by taxpayers, including the backlog and delays, and are working to make sure that property tax bills, prorated tax bills and refunds go out to residents quickly and accurately.     

espite some backlog issues and delays, the new property tax system comes with several enhancements for property owners, including a public access site with current and historical assessed property values, property tax data, including current and prior tax bills, payment history, online fillable forms and an e-cart for convenient payments.  Visit the Tax Collector Public Access website today for more information. 

Anyone experiencing an issue with their property tax bill is encouraged to contact the relevant County office to receive immediate assistance from staff, including the Treasurer-Tax Collector-County Clerk, Auditor-Controller and Assessor-Recorder.  Please consider the following options, including: 

Solano County Treasurer-Tax Collector-County Clerk
Customers with inquiries in the following areas are encouraged to contact the Treasurer-Tax Collector-County Clerk’s Office at (707) 784-7485, by email at [email protected], and in-person at 675 Texas Street, Suite 1900, Fairfield, during office hours, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday.

  • Payment of taxes
  • Collection of taxes
  • Refunds of taxes (due to overpayment)
  • Tax sales/auction
  • Delinquent bills
  • Request for copy of ALL types of tax bills (secured, unsecured, supplemental)
  • Amount of taxes paid
  • Power to sell/impending power to sell of property 

Solano County Auditor-Controller’s Office
Customers with inquiries in the following areas are encouraged to contact the Auditor-Controller’s Office at (707) 784-6283, by email at [email protected], and in-person at 675 Texas Street, Suite 2800, Fairfield, during office hours, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. 

  • Tax rates
  • Refund of taxes (due to value corrections)
  • Supplemental refunds
  • Adjustment in amount of special assessments (increase, decrease or cancellation)  

Solano County Assessor-Recorder’s Office (A/R)
Customers with inquiries in the following areas are encouraged to contact the Assessor-Recorder’s Office at (707) 784-6210, by email at [email protected], and in-person at 675 Texas Street, Suite 2700, Fairfield, during office hours, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday. 

  • Appraisal and valuation
  • Transfer of base value
  • Supplemental proration (due to previous / subsequent events)
  • Exemption (homeowner, disabled veteran, nonprofit, etc.)
  • Address change
  • Release of lien from property via public research area in A/R lobby (special assessments)
  • Business, mobile homes or marine craft queries
  • Deeds via public research area in A/R lobby (grant, quit claim, trust, etc.)