The world’s largest corn maze is located in rural Solano County, outside the town of Dixon, at a pumpkin patch operated by farming brothers Matt and Mark Cooley.  Their 42.9 acre maze received the designation from the Guinness World Book of Records in 2007 and has stood since then. 

The Cooley brothers are second generation Dixon area farmers who cultivate tomatoes, walnuts, alfalfa, and wheat.  In 2000, they decided to venture into agri-tourism and open a pumpkin patch in one of their fields.  Finding would-be customers scarce the first few years, Matt decided to etch a maze into one of their corn fields.  Business increased, and so did the size of the corn maze, from 15 to 40 and now to almost 43 acres.

Working on the design by hand in the field to create more complicated designs, the brothers’ maze is an artistic endeavor. Each year, Mark lays out his complex ideas on an Excel spread sheet and then the planting and cutting begins. Family, friends and even local school sports teams in Dixon help out.  Families from all over Northern California come to Solano County and visit the world record attraction.