Financial Accounting and Reporting

The Financial Accounting and Reporting Division has a variety of responsibilities:

Processes financial transactions for County Departments and Special Districts, which includes payments to vendors, contractors, individuals and other organizations; maintains the countywide general ledger; enforces accounting policies and procedures; enforces budgetary controls; processes, maintain and reconciles fixed asset activity to County inventory; prescribes accounting forms and systems; monitors fiscal activities.

Prepares the County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report enduring financial reporting in accordance with County policies, State and Federal laws and governmental accounting principles.  Coordinates the annual Single Audit with external auditors.

Provides general countywide monitoring of all Federal and State assistance programs; prepares the Countywide Cost Allocation Plan, which is used to claim federal reimbursement.  Manages the debt service funds for the County's long-term debt.

Janine Harris
Chief Deputy Auditor-Controller

[email protected]