December: “Safe Toys and Gifts”

“Every place where we feel safety is a treasure.” – Jan Jansen

Thousands of children are seen in emergency rooms every year for toy-related injuries. More than 1/3 of toy-related injuries occur in children under the age of 5 years. Toys are meant to provide education and enjoyment for children, however they can also pose a great deal of danger. When left unsupervised, small children are susceptible to curiosity, which can lead to many different injuries. Choking is the most common related toy injury and children under age three are at greatest risk due to their tendency to put everything in their mouths. When picking out toys this holiday season, always look for age recommendations and supervise children while playing.

Safety Tips

Always read the package for warning labels, age recommendations, and if the product is non-toxic and lead-free
-          Check the toy for potential choking hazards before use
-          Store toys in a bin or container when playtime is over
-          Sign up to receive e-mails for toy recalls and safety alerts
-          Make sure your child always wears a helmet and is supervised when using a riding toy

Fisher-Price: 10 Toy Safety Tips
Safe Kids Worldwide: Toy Safety
Additional Observances: Read a New Book Month, Safe Toys and Gifts Month