March – Nutrition

Healthy nutrition starts as early as infancy when you choose to breastfeed your child. Then, as your children grow they learn from those around them about healthy choices and lifestyles. By teaching and encouraging healthy eating habits, and doing the same, you are giving your child important tools for a lifetime of healthy living. Start by making small changes as a family to role model healthy choices.

·         Preplan meals and make a list before grocery shopping to cut down on junk food and impulse buying.
·         Let you child choose a new fruit or vegetable to try.
·         Limit fast food, takeout, and junk food to occasional treats.
·         Be persistent in your efforts. Sometimes children need to try things multiple times before they will accept and enjoy it.
·         Encourage your child to drink plenty of water instead of juices, milks, or soda. Try letting them pick out a cool reusable water bottle as an incentive.

Healthy habits extend beyond the kitchen table. Try to avoid snacking if you think your child is just bored, watching TV, or using electronic devices. Remember you are your child’s first teacher, give them the skills to live a healthy life!

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