Dive Team

Formed in 1998, the Solano County Dive Team was the first combined Law Enforcement and Fire Department Dive Rescue Team in the State of California.  The Team has always been comprised entirely of volunteers from the community. The Dive team is now entirely directed, managed, and financially supported by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office / Office of Emergency Services. 

The Dive Team works closely with Solano County law enforcement agencies and is registered as a state resource for mutual aid. The Dive Team utilizes technical scuba equipment as well as commercial surface supplied air to accomplish the dive operations.  All Dive Team members are SCUBA Divers.  All Public Safety Divers on the team are Recreational Rescue Divers, Divemaster’s or Instructors. Additional in-house training is required to dive.  Public Safety Diver Training, Dry Suit Training, Full Face Mask Training, Black Water Dive Training, Public Safety Surface Supplied Air training are just a few.
Video of Dive Team 

Solano County Office of Emergency Services (OES) owns and operates a 29’ Munson Landing craft for multiuse operations, including dive operations.  The marine vessel, known as M90, is completely operated by Solano County OES Volunteers.
Video of M90

About the Solano County Sheriff's Office / Office of Emergency Services Dive Team?

The first requirement is a recreational SCUBA Diver certification.  You can get this through any recognized agency.  We have multiple instructors on the team and other current team members becoming instructors.  The recreational certifications are expected to be obtained independently, not through the department. 

Why do you accept divers that don’t dive on a dive team?

To put one diver in the water it takes a team.  Here are the positions:
* Primary Diver 100%
* Secondary Diver 90%
* Safety Diver 50%
* Tender for Primary Diver
* Tender for Secondary Diver
* SSA Console Operator (If diving Surface Supplied Air)
* Scribe / person logging the dive event. Times, Depths, Location, Etc.…
* Mission Leader – Overall control of the dive incident.

How do I join the Dive Team?

Click here for the volunteer application.
3. Get in touch with the Dive Coordinator or the Dive Captain at
    a. They are not in the office so they will need to call you back. 
        i. This should not take more than a week.  
        ii. Remember we are volunteers.
        iii. Be persistent.
4. Schedule an interview.   This is usually completed on a training day. 
    a. This may include getting in a pool. 
IARDS Skills Evaluation / IARDS Grading Criteria
    c. Non-Divers may requested to do the following:
        i. 500 yard swim
        ii. 15 Min Tread.
5. You will receive a packet in person or by email with a list of items to complete prior to submitting to a background check.  This may not be the full list as it may change.
    a. Proof of NIMS 100,200,700
        i. if you don’t have it, we have free e-learning
    b. Youth Protection Training, free e-learning
    c. Valid Driver’s License
6. There is a checklist in the packet.  Read the entire packet and follow exactly what it says.  It must be delivered to the OES office and signed in person.  No incomplete packets will be accepted. 
7. Once the packet is completed and turned in, the background check starts.  It can take up to a couple of months for this to be complete. 
8. Acceptance to the Solano County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services
9. Complete some Disaster Service Worker Requirements
    a. CPR / First-Aid / More Forms / Etc.
10. Join the Dive Team’s first training.

Become a Volunteer Dive Team Member
How to Apply