Board Member Application

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This Board is the independent local co-applicant governing board of the Solano County Family Health Services Health Center Clinics, which is the principal policy-making body of the health center. Because of our FQHC status designation, the Board of Directors is expected to meet certain federal requirements. One such requirement is that the majority of the clinic’s Board of Directors be consumers of the clinic system. This is met by immediate family or themselves being patients of FHS. This ensures that, collectively, the members of the Board adequately represent the demographics of the patients served.

The Board of Directors and management team are excited to hear from individuals interested in being considered for appointment to Solano County Family Health Services' Community Healthcare Board of Directors. If you have an interest in serving on the Community Healthcare Board, we ask that you complete the application form and return it to the Board of Directors,

by email to: [email protected],
by mail to: Solano County Family Health Services, c/o Administration, 2201 Courage Drive, Fairfield, CA 94533