Public Health Bureaus

Each of our Public Health Bureaus provides specialized services to the people of Solano County. 

Emergency Services Bureau includes Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Preparedness programs.

Family Health Services provides medical and dental services to the most underserved population in Solano County.

Health Promotion and Community Wellnesss is dedicated to improving the public’s health, preventing injury and disease, and promoting the well-being of our residents. 

Communicable Disease provides timely detection, prevention, and control efforts for all reportable infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, and other STDs and vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Maternal Child Adolescent Health helps parents raise healthy and happy children.

Napa-Solano-Yolo-Marin-Mendocino County Public Health Laboratory is comprised of highly trained and compassionate staff that uses their expertise to evaluate and research the health problems within our community. 

Nutrition Services does more that just tell families what to eat; they work with families to make nutrition and physical activity changes that will fit into their lifestyle.

Older and Disabled Adult Services provides access to services and resources to disabled children and adults as well as seniors.   

Vital Statistics works to register and certifiy birth and death records for the prior and current year, and works with funeral homes to provide the information necessary to register death records and obtain permits for dispostion of remains.