Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact the Auditor-Controller's Office?
We are located at:
675 Texas Street
Suite 2800
Fairfield, CA 94533

Telephone: (707) 784-6280
Fax: (707) 784-3420
You can e-mail us by going to Divisions and choosing the appropriate contact person to help you with your question.
How do I obtain a copy of Financial Statements, Final Budget or Property Tax Distribution?
To view these documents on line, see Finance Reports
To request printed copies, contact Christina Mota, Office Coordinator
Who do I contact for the status of a Jury Payment?
Please contact Jury Services Department @ (707) 207-7350.
Who do I contact for the status of a Vendor Payment?
Please contact the county department with whom you have provided service directly.
Who do I contact for the status of a Court Refund?
Courts @ 421-6482
Who do I contact about my 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC?
Kim Patterson @ 784-6280
How long does it take to receive a warrant (check)?
Once we have received the claim from the department it will take approximately 2 weeks to process and mail.
What is the responsibility of the Solano County Auditor-Controller's Internal Audit Division?
(a) Conduct financial statement audits. A financial statement audit determines:

1. Whether the financial statements of an entity present fairly the financial position, results of operations, and cash flows in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and
2. Whether the entity has complied with laws and regulations for those transactions and events that may have a material effect on the financial statements.

Such audits shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and accordingly shall include tests of the accounting records and other auditing procedures as may be considered necessary under the circumstances.

(b) Conduct financial related audits. A financial related audit determines:

1. Whether financial reports and related items, such as elements, accounts, or funds are fairly presented,
2. Whether financial information is presented in accordance with established or stated criteria, or
3. Whether the entity has adhered to specific financial compliance requirements.

Such audits shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and accordingly shall include tests of the accounting records and other auditing procedures as may be considered necessary under the circumstances.

(c) Conduct internal control reviews of any county department, office, activity or agency under the control of the Board of Supervisors. An internal control review assesses the effectiveness of the internal control structure established by management. Such reviews shall be conducted in accordance with applicable auditing standards.

(d) Conduct special audits, reviews and investigations. Such assignments are limited in scope.

(e) Conduct follow-up reviews to determine the status of all reported audit findings.

In the event the Auditor-Controller is unable to perform any of the audits identified above, the Auditor-Controller will advise and assist any County department, office or agency in obtaining an auditor outside the County.
How do I request an audit?
Audits, reviews, or investigations may be conducted at the request of the Board of Supervisors or any other County official; however, the Auditor-Controller or his or her representative will determine when such requests will be scheduled.
How can I receive a copy of an audit report?
Browse the Internal Audits section.
Please contact Matthew Fong, Deputy Auditor-Controller
How do I get copies of my W-2?
Contact your department payroll clerk to request a copy. He/she will send a W2 Reprint Request form to Payroll.
How do I verify employment for a current County employee or verify information for a former employee?
Call (707) 784-6284 and provide a social security number and name. We can verify information you already have but cannot provide any new information.


Send your written request to the employee's department payroll clerk (request a contact name and address from the employee). If this information is unavailable, send your written request to the address below and your form will be forwarded to the employee's department:

Solano County Auditor-Controller
Payroll Division
675 Texas Street
Suite 2800
Fairfield CA 94533
How are property taxes calculated?
Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of the property by the tax rate. For property held primarily as the residence of the taxpayer, a $7,000 Homeowner's Exemption is deducted from the assessed value to arrive at the net amount subject to property taxes.
What is the tax rate used in Solano County?
In California, the property tax rate is set at 1%. This rate is constant as guaranteed under Proposition 13 passed in 1978. What this means is that a $1 tax is imposed for every $100 assessed value of the property. In addition, under the provisions of Proposition 13, any taxes levied by any governmental agency on top of the 1% must be approved by 66 2/3% of the voters. However, in the case of the school bonds, only 55% majority is required as provided for under Proposition 39. Therefore, any rate you will see in your tax bill added to the 1%, represents a debt or debts approved by the voters. In Solano County, most of the property taxed carries a voter's debt. The voter's debt rates are not uniform throughout the county because these are dependent on the sphere of influence of each agency that levies it. Also, these tax rates are commonly known as ad valorem rates because the amount of tax levied is relative to the assessed value of the property.
Who participates in the 1% tax distribution?
In Solano County, there are approximately 75 taxing entities. These entities include the county, schools, cities, libraries, and special districts. These agencies receive taxes to finance their operations to perform the various services as required by law. The tax levied to any property is shared by a combination of any of the entities mentioned in the foregoing that service the area where the property being taxed is located.
What is a supplemental tax?
A supplemental tax is an adjustment to the taxes initially levied to the property because of an increase in equity resulting from changes in assessed value due to the transfer in ownership or completion of a new construction. However, if any of the foregoing events will result in a decrease in assessed value, a supplemental refund instead of a tax is generated.
Will I get a supplemental tax (bill) every year?
No. It is a one-time adjustment. It only occurs when there is a change of ownership or a new construction project is completed. In a few instances, destruction of property due to acts of nature could lead to a negative adjustment that may result to a supplemental refund.
What are special assessments?
Special assessments are additional charges attached to a tax bill levied by cities, special districts, and other governmental entities. Special assessments are not part of the tax rates. These assessments may include but not limited to the following: garbage collection, weed abatements, sewer charges, maintenance fees, Mello-Roos, etc. The calculation of these charges is the responsibility of the agency that levies it. These special assessments are individually identified in your tax bill by a four-digit code which starts with a 6, 7, 8, and in some rare occasions with a 9. For questions regarding these special assessments, please call the telephone number of the agency that levies it and the contact person indicated in your tax bill corresponding to the assessment in question.
How long will it take me to obtain my refunds of overpayment in taxes?
The Property Tax Division of the Auditor-Controller's Office (ACO) issues refunds as a result of corrections, appeals, etc. that applies to prior years. In most instances, these corrections are made by other departments involved in the process other than the ACO. On average refunds are made within thirty to forty-five days after the monthly refund report is received and the required documentation to support the refund is received. For refunds due to overpayment for tax bills during the current year, the refund is done by the Tax Collector's Office. To contact them please call (707) 784-7485.
Why did I notice an increase in my taxes?
There are a number of reasons why your taxes increased this year compared to last year:

1. Proposition 13 allows a maximum annual increase of 2% on the assessed value of the property to cover inflation.
2. Proposition 8 may accelerate the value of the property to make up the devaluation of the property during the period of economic downturn. For clarification and/or explanation on the provisions and application of this law, please contact the Assessor's Office at (707) 784-6210.
3. New construction completed in your property. When this occurs, the Assessor's Office reassesses your property. If you have any questions, you may contact them at (707) 784-6210.
4. This issue should be directed to the Assessor's Office at (707) 784-6210.

With the exception of the special assessment, the tax rates used to compute taxes are pretty much constant. However, taxes levied are driven by the property's assessed value.
How can I obtain a copy of the tax rates in Solano County?
Solano County tax rates are available via download here.

If you wish further clarification with regard to the foregoing question/s please contact the Property Tax Division at (707) 784-6283 or send an email to [email protected]
For the following issues, please contact the Tax Collector's Office @ (707) 784-7485
01. Can I pay both installments of my tax bills?
02. Can I make partial payments?
03. Can I pay only the taxes and not the special assessments?
04. Can I pay my taxes in check, money order, or credit card?
05. Can another person pay for my taxes?
06. I lost my tax bills. Can you send me another one or fax me a copy?
07. How can I arrange for a payment plan?
08. I paid my taxes already. Why did I receive delinquent notices?
09. Just sold my house and paid my taxes for the whole year. Do I get a refund?
10. Why did you send me a bill? I already paid the mortgage company?
11. Can you tell me the taxes I paid during the last three (or any year) years?
12. I received three bills (supplemental). Which one do I have to pay and when?
13. Who shall I inquire about delinquency? What is the delinquency rate in Solano County?
For the following issues, please contact the Assessor's Office @ (707) 784-6210.
01. We had Prop 13 in the county we used to live. Can we continue to have the same benefits if I move to Solano County?
02. Our tax bill has the wrong address. Who shall we call to make the change?
03. I am a veteran. Who shall I inquire about an exemption?
04. How can I file a Homeowner's Exemption?
05. I have equipment used in my business. I already paid sales tax to it. Why am I being taxed again?
06. Could I have a copy of my property's assessed value?
07. Is affordable housing exempt from taxes?
08. How do I transfer ownership of a property I acquired from my parents?
09. How can I have my property reassessed?
10. Who shall I inquire about tax exemption for my property?
For the following issues, please contact the agency identified on your tax bill.
01. What is the balance of my Mello-Roos?
02. Who shall I ask about Mello-Roos? School bond?
03. How long do I have to pay my voter's approved bond?
04. How can I remove the lien on my property?
05. How do I clear or pay my delinquent garbage bill?
06. I have a well to supply me with water. Do I still have to pay SID's assessment?
How can I request a replacement vendor check?
Submit an "Affidavit" to Obtain Duplicate of Lost or Destroyed Warrant" to the Department originating your original claim and warrant.