Other ODAS Services

Home Safe Program

Home Safe seeks to prevent homelessness by ffering financial assistance to support the housing stability of Adult Protective Services clients.
An elder or disabled adult who is experiencing abuse may also be experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness. 
Home Safe may help cover housing related needs such as rental payments, security deposits, utility assistance, eviction prevention, heavy cleaning if related to housing stability and other related services.

If you are a senior or disabled adult
experiencing abuse and housing instability or you know someone who is, Home Safe can help.

Solano Scam Center Website

In mid-March 2023,  Older & Disabled Adult Services launched a new website featured on www.SolanoCares.org  called, www.SolanoScamCenter.org which houses the Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center, to offer education to seniors about financial abuse.  Nationally, seniors lose more than $3 billion each year, or an average of $34,200 per victim.  Unfortunately, this type of abuse is under-reported, so the loss is likely greater. In 2022, Adult Protective Services (APS) received over 750 reports of financial abuse in Solano County.

Seniors continue to be a priority of Solano County, as they are one of our most vulnerable populations. Hopefully, through the Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center, seniors and others will be educated so that they will not become a victim. Our new website Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center is on the Network of Care – www.SolanoCares.org site, www.SolanoScamCenter.org.

Read below the 5 tips to stop scammers and check out more details on our www.SolanoScamCenter.org website.  There is plenty of information about scams, education and resources.   

  1. Double check the source of “government’’ communications
  2. Watch for fake social media identities and “sweetheart” scams
  3. Monitor your finances and protect your Power of Attorney
  4. Bring skepticism to every prize or investment offer
  5. Be wary of “urgent” notices that claim something has been “compromised”.