Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation (MEHKO)

A Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation or MEHKO is operated by a resident in a private home where food is stored, handled, and prepared for, and may be served to consumers, and meets certain requirements. All MEHKOs will be required to submit an application and pay an annual permit fee.

Currently, the County is evaluating whether to allow the permitting of MEHKOs countywide.  If allowed, a MEHKO will be required to submit a permit application, pass an initial inspection and to maintain the permit valid. Routine annual inspections may also be required. Please contact our office for additional information at (707) 784-6765. 

Useful Resources 
For more information, refer to Assembly Bill No. 626, Assembly Bill No. 377, CA Dept. of Public Health MEHKO webpage, and the Frequently Asked Questions.  

Food Safety Certification 
All food handlers shall obtain a food handler card within 30 days after the date of hire and maintain a valid card for the duration of their employment. In addition, food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve nonprepackaged potentially hazardous foods shall have an owner or employee who is food safety certified. Use the following for information on how to fulfill these requirements: Food Handler & Manager Information and Food Manager Training and Test Providers.