Permit applications should be faxed to (707) 784-2894

Grading Permit Determination List


     A. Landscaping areas less than 10,000 square feet

     B. Structure excavations (pools, basements, septic tanks, leach fields, etc.)

     C. Excavations less than:

      1. 50 cubic yards total movement on any site
      2. 5,000 square feet of area disturbed
      3. 3 feet in depth
      4. 2:1 slopes

     D. Fills:

      1. Less than 50 cubic yards total movement on any site
      2. Less than 5,000 square feet of area disturbed
      3. Less than 3 feet in depth
      4. Placed on existing surfaces with slopes less than 7:1
      5. Do not create slopes steeper than 2:1
      6. Do not change existing off-site drainage patterns
      7. Are not used for structural support

     E. Agricultural activities except land that has not previously been graded or leveled

     F. Utility trenches, wells, exploratory excavations

     G. Disposal areas, landfills, quarrying, stockpiling, or other operations where a Use Permit has been granted

     H. Grading by Solano County or Special Districts

     I. Land leveling by permit for agricultural purpose

     J. Fire roads and breaks

     K. Grading located within the Suisun Primary Marsh

     L. Projects on State or Federally owned and operated lands

2. MINOR GRADING: (Must meet ALL conditions Below)

  • Less than 1 acre of disturbed surface and less than 1000 cubic yards of earth movement
  • Less than 15,000 square feet of impervious surface with provisions to control runoff
  • Less than 15% slope, and no erosion prone soils or unstable slopes
  • Will not damage or endanger structures
  • Will not obstruct or constrict waterways
  • Will not affect natural vegetation, habitats or other natural resources


  • Projects not qualifying for a minor grading permit will require a major grading permit