Paratransit Services

Solano Transportation Authority (STA) provides paratransit services and Taxi SCRIP to qualified residents of unincorporated Solano County (that is, to people who live outside of a city). To qualify, a resident must meet the following criteria:

1) Live in unincorporated Solano County, in an area that does not already receive paratransit services provided by a city.

2) Be disabled as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

3) Need subsidized transportation to and from medical appointments in Solano County. 

4) Be enrolled in the list of eligible paratransit riders by Solano County.

The Department of Resource Management-Public Works is no longer administering the program for “Paratransit/Taxi SCRIP For Residents Of Rural Solano County (Unincorporated)”. 

New phone numbers are as follows:

Taxi SCRIP Purchase Information and Paratransit General Questions: (800) 535-6883
ADA Eligibility: (707) 541-7184