Defensive Tactics Team

Solano County Sheriff's Office

The Solano County Sheriff's Office Defensive Tactics Team was created in 1997. The vision for the team was to provide both weaponless defensive tactics as well as impact weapons training to the members of the Sheriff's Office. The Defensive Tactics Team is comprised of both Correctional Officers and Deputy Sheriffs. The Defensive Tactics team is responsible for meeting Standards and Training in Corrections (STC) and Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) guidelines.

The Defensive Tactics Team has provided thousands of hours of instruction in weaponless defense, impact weapons, and ground fighting. In addition to providing training to the men and women of the Solano County Sheriff's Office, the Defensive Tactics Team also provides training to other local law enforcement agencies. Members of the team are tasked with developing training based on the ever changing needs and trends in law enforcement including de-escalation training and Use of Force case law updates.