Honor Guard


Solano County Sheriff's Office

On May 15, 2002, the Solano County Sheriff's Office debuted its first Honor Guard Team. The Honor Guard Team is composed of seventeen members with equal departmental representation from both the Patrol Division and Custody Division. We currently have two specialty assignments within the Honor Guard Team, a Color Guard consisting of four team members and a Funeral Detail consisting of seven team members.

The purpose of the Honor Guard Team is to augment special events and ceremonies while representing the Sheriff?s Office dedication to the residents of Solano County through the continued commitment to excellence. Honor Guard Team members are versed in military customs and courtesies as well as respect to the flag and honor to the colors of our nation. Honor Guard Team members are expected to maintain the highest morals and values of the Solano County Sheriffs Office.

Each member of the Solano County Sheriff?s Office Honor Guard Team considers it to be a privilege and distinction to serve both their department and their community.