Request For Voter File

Electronic Files:

Voter records can grow quite large.  We currently have over 210,000 registered voters in over 200 precincts with history for 20 elections.  Dealing with large files is solely the responsibility of the end user.  Some computers and software cannot handle data that is this large.  We are happy to discuss your needs and intended uses of our data, but we do not provide application, programming, or computer assistance.

We provide voter registration data on a variety of electronic media:  CD, Zip disk, and, if the file is small enough, via email.  Due to security concerns, we do not use requester-supplied media such as USB flash drives.

Our data is exported as ASCII text (no word processing characters, one record per line) in a flat file, comma or tab-delimited format.  Flat files have no space between data fields  Comma-delimited files have a comma separating each field while tab-delimited files have fields separated by tabs.  Both delimited formats have a leading or header record with field names.

You also have choices about the voter records you want:

• All eligible voters (countywide)
• Voters in a particular district
• Voters in specified precincts or consolidated (voting) precincts
• Only Permanent vote by mail voters
• Exclude permanent vote by mail voters
• Voters in a specified political party
• When we get close to an election, you can ask for voters who first received sample ballots
• Voters registered in a particular date range
• Voters with their vote history for the past 20 elections or targeted elections (the last 20 elections are for all elections in Solano County, including special elections)
• Voters who have requested a vote by mail ballot (within 30 days of an election) and voters who have returned a vote by mail ballot (this data is updated approximately twice a week)

It is often useful to also request a Precinct/District Inventory file which helps to identify districts in each precincts and thus which voters are eligible to vote in a particular district.

Keep in mind that file sizes can be very large. 

Application to purchase Multipurpose Voter File

Hardcopy Lists:

If desired, we can print a hard copy of the voter list for you.  In addition to the above choices, you can specify a variety of data sort orders: 

• Alpha order by name
• Alpha order by name within a precinct
• By streets in a precinct
• Alpha order by ZIP code and name
• Alpha order by party and name
• Alpha order by birth date and name

• Alpha order by street (walking list)


These lists can grow to hundreds of pages depending on information requested and districts requested.  We require that the setup fee be paid on request of the list.  Page charges must be paid prior to receiving the list.

Application to purchase Multipurpose Voter File