"Know Your Zone" LIVE NOW

The 'Know Your Zone campaign' in Solano County was launched this year to help the community in Solano County find their emergency evacuation zone.

Disasters can strike ay any time, including, wildfires, earthquakes and floods. The help our residents be better prepared for emergencies, the Solano County fire agencies, law enforcement agencies and County Office of Emergency Services partnered together to divide the county into pre-established evacuation zones.

Click here to find your zone.

Once you find your zone name, write it down and post it somewhere that is easy to find. Knowing your zone name, will help you quickly identify if the status of your zone is changed due to an emergency. Zone status descriptions can be found in the table below.

Authorities will use Zone names in emergency alerts to notify residents which areas are affected. Sign up to receive emergency alerts at Alert Solano.

Follow your local responders on Facebook and stay tuned for more information.

Solano County

City of Benicia

City of Dixon

City of Fairfield 

City of Rio Vista

City of Suisun City

City of Vacaville            

City of Vallejo


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need evacuation zones?

Pre-established evacuation zones help first responders and emergency service agencies prepare before an emergency strikes and help to streamline the evacuation process reducing confusion and allowing residents to evacuate quickly. It also ensures that first responders and community members are on the same page with the same information.

How do I Find My Zone? 

Click here and type in your address in the search bar. Write the zone name down, memorize it, and post it in a high traffic location, like on your refrigerator.

Who participated in creating the emergency evacuation zones? 

Solano County law enforcement agencies, fire agencies and Office of Emergency Services worked together to identify emergency evacuation zones for the entire county.  

What does my zone name mean? 

The first three letters represent your city’s name (or if you are in an unincorporated area – the county), the numbers are the unique code that distinguishes your Zone from the others in your area. This system is consistent across Solano County and helps first responders to plan and execute evacuations. Each zone has a globally unique name so there is not confusion about which Zone is being referred to.

Do I still need to sign up for Alert Solano to receive emergency notifications? 

Yes, residents in Solano County should be signed up to receive emergency notifications via Alert Solano. Zone names will be used in Alert Solano notifications, so it is important to #KnowYourZone.

Sign up to receive emergency notifications, alertsolano.com

Evacuation & Road Closure Terminology
Terminology is consistent with California statewide standards

Evacuation Order

There is an immediate threat to life. It is a lawful order to leave now and the area is lawfully closed to public access. It is important to note that not all evacuation orders begin with an evacuation warning.

Evacuation Warning

There is a potential threat to life and/or property. Those who require additional time to evacuate, and those with pets and/or livestock are encouraged to leave now.

Shelter in Place

Go indoors. Shut and lock your doors and windows and be prepared to self-sustain until further notice and/or you are contacted by emergency personnel for additional direction.

Evacuation Orders Lifted      

This is the formal announcement lifting evacuations in an area currently under evacuation.

Hard Closure

Closed to all traffic except Fire and Law Enforcement.

Soft Closure

Closed to all traffic except Fire, Law Enforcement, and critical incident resources (i.e. utility, Caltrans, City/County Roads, or those needed to repair or restore infrastructure.)

Resident Only Closure           

Soft closure with the additional allowance of residents and local government agencies assisting with response and recovery.