Claybank Detention Facility Commander
Lieutenant Dennis von Ting II
Claybank Detention Facility Commander

Lieutenant  Dennis B.  von Ting II began his career with the Sheriff’s Office on July 15, 1996.  He held various assignments as a Correctional Officer at both the Justice Detention Facility and Claybank Detention Facility.  He was selected as a Jail Training Officer in 1999, where he trained newly hired Correctional Officers, primarily for Jail Intake.  In 2004, he was selected as a Classification Officer which led to his promotion as a Custody Sergeant in February 2004.  As a Custody Sergeant he worked as a Booking Sergeant, Floor Sergeant, Court Commitment Sergeant and Jail Training Officer Sergeant.  When the department dissolved the S.S.T. classification, he was instrumental in training custody officers to handle booking duties.  He was also the Fire, Life, and Safety instructor for the entire Custody Division. In 2016 he was awarded the Sheriff’s Office Supervisor of the Year Award. 

In November 2014 Lieutenant von Ting led the team that implemented iWeb Video Visitation System into Solano County.  He researched and presented the 12 hour shifts in the Sheriff’s Office Custody Division, which has been implemented and currently practiced.  He was also a key member of the team that executed the ARIES Probable Cause Declaration System.

In 2004 he was selected to serve on Solano County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard.  He became team leader in 2009. He was presented the United States Air Force Base Honor Guard certificate of Training.   This certificate is given  to recipients for the hard work and dedication for the Basic Protocol, Honors, and Ceremonies conducted at Travis AFB, California.  He also served in the United States Marine Corps reserves from 1978-1981. 

Dennis was promoted to Lieutenant on July 12, 2020 and is assigned as the Claybank Detention Facility Commander.  He is known for his leadership by example.