Stanton Correctional Facility Commander
Lieutenant Norberto Balinado Jr.
Stanton Correctional Facility Commander

I am a proud and committed member of the Solano County Sheriff’s Office. I have worked diligently in the Custody Division for 27 years and I am honored to serve our office and our community. I started my career as a Correctional Officer in April 1995, promoted in 2015 to Sergeant and in 2022 promoted to my current rank of Lieutenant. My most recent assignment prior to my Lieutenant promotion, was in the Compliance and Professional Standards Bureau, where I processed public records requests and ensured all policies and procedures complied with current legal standards. I have served in a variety of capacities in the Custody Division, including being an integral part of the Instructor Cadre for the Sheriff’s office. I started teaching in 2002 and continue to teach our staff in the following topics: • AB392/ PC 835a • De-escalation • Use of Force • Force Options Simulator • Defensive Tactics • Critical Incident Management • TASER • BolaWrap • Impact Weapons. My passion is to help in developing our most valuable resource, which is our professional staff members that work for our office. My faith, family, integrity, and career have been my guiding principles as I have worked tirelessly in helping to build this department. The Custody Division is a vital part of the Sheriff’s Office and I’m eager to continue to provide leadership for it, as I was recently selected as the Commander for the Stanton Correctional Facility.