Housing & Homelessness


This new unit coordinates the Housing and Homeless initiatives focused on Behavioral Health needs, in coordination with the Department and other community partners. Our purpose is to promote fully integrated independent living, self-sufficiency and resilience for the people we serve. A few of our projects include:
  • The HOPE Team (Homeless Outreach Partnership and Engagement) goes to homeless encampments to engage and offers mental health supports, as well as a Street Medicine outreach team with law enforcement and a medical prescriber, clinician, specialist for psychiatric intervention and engagement.
  • National, State and Local Housing First Homelessness Forums and Committees
  • SAMHSA’s Homeless and Housing Resource Network and Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) Grant
  • MH Homeless Intervention Team with local Law Enforcement and medical support
  • MHSA Accessible Resources for the Communities’ Homeless (ARCH) for adults and transition age youth, those who are victims or at-risk of Commercial Sexual Exploitation
  • Benefits Support & linkage to General Assistance, Medi-Cal, and CalFresh https://www.solanocounty.com/depts/hss/ees/  
  • Community Housing and Residential Facility management and rental assistance oversight- this includes Homeless Shelters, Board & Care, Room & Boards we contract with

Email us for general Info: [email protected]

We partner with our local Continuum of Care that includes the following:

Local Resources:

Resource Connect Solano streamlines access to life-changing housing and supportive resources for people in Solano County who are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. Individuals and families receive assessment and referral services to identify housing needs and create linkages to available services. Caminar, a California-based non-profit behavioral health services provider, serves as the operator for the Coordinated Entry System. Contact Resource Connect Solano at 707.652.7311 or email [email protected]

Community Shelters and Resources can be found here.

CAP Solano JPA provides oversight and coordination of homeless and safety net services to the residents of Solano County and serves as the conduit for safety net funding support.

Housing First Solano works to end homelessness by:

  • Facilitating multi-agency cooperation and coordination
  • Connecting persons experiencing homelessness with housing, job, family, and medical resources
  • Securing funds from the State of California, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and private organizations to end homelessness