The WET component of MHSA is used to identify workforce development priorities that will create a mental health system that is prepared to meet the needs of those we serve. WET initiatives work to ensure that services are culturally sensitive, consumer and family member driven, and utilize a strengths-based approach that is inclusive of recovery, resilience, and wellness principles in order to promote the transformation of the mental health system. The WET plan also provides opportunities to recruit, train, and re-train public mental health staff to meet these mandates, and includes the training employment of individuals who are consumers with lived experience. WET initiatives include the following:

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)
Solano County Behavioral Health, in partnership with he California Institute of Behavioral Health (CIBH) offers CIT trainings, which are designed to increase first responders’ knowledge and understanding of mental illness, and to help them develop skills and strategies to interact and intervene with mentally ill individuals.

Internship Opportunities
Internships and stipends are offered to students completing Master’s level programs and pre- and post-doctoral degrees in the fields of psychology, counseling, and social work. Stipends are awarded to students providing services to the unserved and underserved communities in the County.

Loan Repayment Program
You may be eligible for a Workforce Education and Training payment toward your student loans! Click below to download a copy of the program flyer and start your application today. It is also recommend to review the
Program Guide which can help with completing the application and understanding the approval process.